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  • 13-May-2015


    Joint meeting of the OECD and Center for Global Prosperity to be held on 15 June 2015

    Joint meeting of the OECD and Center for Global Prosperity to be held on 15 June 2015 entitled "Creating enabling environments for mobilising private financial flows for sustainable development"

  • 12-March-2015


    Building Policy Coherence Workshop

    The workshop will cover: shaping a measurable target for policy coherence in the SDG framework; updating tools for promoting PCSD; and addressing illicit financial flows.

  • 8-January-2015

    English, PDF, 1,564kb

    Code Report Issue 4: Competition law and policy - Drivers of economic growth and development.

    In today’s globalised economy, countries are more interconnected, which has implications for competition policy. Policy coordination and coherence are necessary in order to identify barriers to competition.

  • 13-November-2014


    PCD and the Sustainable Development Goals

    How to define, monitor and assess policy coherence for sustainable development in the Post-2015 Agenda.

  • 24-September-2014


    UNGA 2014 Side Event

    “Creating enabling environments for sustainable development: How policy coherence can help curb illicit financial flows in the post-2015 era”

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  • 7-mai-2014

    Français, PDF, 1,705kb

    Rapport 2014 sur la mise en oeuvre de la Stratégie de l'OCDE pour le développement

    Ce rapport d’étape est présenté à la Réunion du Conseil au niveau des Ministres de 2014, comme le prévoit le mandat qui a présidé à la Stratégie. Il présente une vue d’ensemble des mesures prises au sein de l’Organisation pour donner une impulsion aux actions complémentaires au cours de la période initiale de mise en oeuvre de la Stratégie.

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  • 7-mai-2014

    Français, PDF, 1,195kb

    Préparer le développement mondial après 2015 : Enseignements tirés de la première phase de mise en oeuvre de la Stratégie de l'OCDE pour le développement

    La présente note passe en revue : i) les enseignements qui se dégagent de la période initiale de mise en oeuvre ; ii) les principales tendances, les problèmes qui se font jour et les nouvelles priorités de portée mondiale qui guideront les activités de suivi de la Stratégie pour le développement ; et iii) quelques recommandations à soumettre à l’examen des Membres en vue de poursuivre une mise en oeuvre efficace de la Stratégie.

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  • 24-April-2014

    English, PDF, 3,965kb

    Better Policies for Development 2014

    Every year, huge sums of money are transferred out of developing countries illegally. This report shows that coherent policies in OECD countries in areas such as tax evasion, anti-bribery and money laundering can contribute to reducing illicit financial flows from developing countries.

  • 15-April-2014

    English, PDF, 1,995kb

    Responsible Business Conduct: From good intentions to sustainable development

    The private sector creates jobs, provides goods and services, generates income and profits, and contributes to public revenues. Companies have the ability to profoundly impact poverty reduction and sustainable development in countries in which they operate, including in areas such as energy and climate, water, agriculture and food production, gender equality and financial integrity.

  • 4-March-2014


    Policy Coherence for Development in a Post-2015 Era

    As we head towards 2015 and a successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), our common future remains at stake. We are facing a plethora of issues including: growing inequalities; changing consumption patterns and population dynamics; increasing natural resource scarcity; and climate change, said OECD Secretary-General.

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