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‌OECD-AMRO Joint Asian Regional Roundtable



ASEAN+3 region has been posting steady growth but not immune to downside risks such as global liquidity infusion and volatile cross border capital flows. The region also faces medium-term structural issues such as middle-income trap, aging population, income disparity and inclusive growth.

ASEAN+3 Finance Ministries and Central Banks established ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) in 2011 for monitoring and analysis of ASEAN+3 economies, an early detection of risks, policy recommendation for remedial actions, and support for effective decision of the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM).

Collaboration between AMRO and the OECD could build useful platforms to exchange views and strengthen policy dialogue on near-term macroeconomic as well as medium-term structural policies at the regional level. The OECD-AMRO Joint Asian Regional Roundtable is one such platform.

For the OECD, this is a follow-up activity on “Platforms for regional economic monitoring” mentioned in the OECD Strategy on Development, which was adopted in May 2012, and in line with calls from some members of the OECD to strengthen the organization’s relationship with Southeast Asia. For AMRO, this mirrors the instructions by the ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to enhance collaboration with international organizations. This platform will promote knowledge sharing between the OECD and partner governments and institutions in ASEAN+3 economies through the collaboration between the OECD and AMRO.



  • Promote knowledge sharing between the OECD, AMRO and ASEAN+3 policy makers (i.e., finance ministries, central banks and national planning agencies) as well as academics and the private sector.
  • Provide opportunities for dialogue on: a) near-term macroeconomic policies; and, b) medium-term growth and development challenges in the region, and current agendas and future challenges in ASEAN+3 economies.


The 1st Regional Roundtable, held on 26 September 2012 in Singapore, was co-organised by OECD and AMRO, in co-operation with the ASEAN Secretariat. This Roundtable brought together around 100 senior level participants of ASEAN + 3 economies. More information

Topics for the 1st Regional Roundtable - 2012:
-- Near-term: Euro-area uncertainty and its implication for Asian economies
-- Medium-term: New Growth model in Asia


The 2nd OECD-AMRO Joint Asian Regional Roundtable - Policy Challenges for the Asian Economies: Coping with Global Liquidity Infusion and Escaping the Middle-income Trap will take place on 19 July 2013 in Singapore. The Agenda and the Concept Note are available. View all Powerpoint Presentations here.

Topics for the 2nd Regional Roundtable - 2013:
-- Near-term: Impact of quantitative easing in OECD countries on Asia
-- Medium-term: Middle-income trap in the region


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