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Enterprise Policy Performance Assessments for South East Europe


The EBRD and the OECD, in close co-operation with the European Commission, regularly publish Enterprise Policy Performance Assessment (EPPA) reports for individual South East European countries, as well as cross regional reports.

These reports are succinct assessments based on work undertaken by experienced in-country consultants in each SEE country under the guidance of EBRD and OECD.  The approach is to assess the performance of the enterprise policies conducted by each of the SEE countries, based on substantial inputs from the private sector and measured against a set of OECD policy benchmarks and comparative indicators. This work is designed to complement the initiatives conducted by the international donor community in the area of enterprise and small business development, strengthen regional sharing of experience, highlight the areas in need of reform and possible technical assistance requirements and provide inputs for a constructive policy debate.  The format of the report is the same each year to allow for a direct comparison of the progress achieved.

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