Egalité homme-femme et développement

Strengthening the Development Results and Impacts of the Paris Declaration through Work on Gender Equality, Social Exclusion and Human Rights



Workshop, London, 12-13 March 2008


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This workshop shared the emerging analysis and experiences at field-level and identify and “show-cased” case studies which are of direct relevance to the themes of the September 2008 High Level Forum (HLF-3) in Accra,which will review progress in implementing the Paris Declaration
The expected outcomes of the workshop were:

  • Consolidation of the evidence and good practice which is emerging from the use of the partnership commitments of the Paris Declaration to achieve social inclusion,  human rights, environmental sustainability and gender equality
  • A selection of country-based case studies which could be presented at the HLF-3 - both as part of the roundtables and the marketplace
  • Identification of key political messages and actionable commitments for the Accra Action Agenda
  • A commitment to strengthened partnerships and southern perspectives in work on social exclusion, human rights, HIV/AIDS, gender equality and environmental sustainability, and
  • Identification of key opportunities, partners and processes leading up to the Accra HLF, where the key messages developed at the workshop will be disseminated.


The long-term goal, extending well beyond the HLF-3, was to strengthen the development results and impacts of the Paris Declaration.


This workshop built on the momentum created by a workshop on Development Effectiveness in Practice held in Dublin in April 2007 which focused on aid effectiveness and human rights, environmental sustainability and gender equality. The workshop concluded that these three critical development areas:

  • Are fundamental cornerstones for achieving good development results
  • Can be achieved through implementing the principles and partnership commitments of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness
  • Must be harnessed to advance the implementation of the Paris Declaration.


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