Egalité homme-femme et développement

7th meeting of the DAC Network on Gender Equality (10-12 June 2009)


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Draft agenda [DCD/DAC/GEN/A(2009)1] in English /
Projet d'ordre du jour annoté [DCD/DAC/GEN/A(2009)1/REV1] en français


Draft summary record in English /
Compte rendu succinct en français




1. Opening session (10 June)


2. Update on the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) (10 June)

  • (English) / (français)
  • OECD Development Assistance Committee... where governments come together to make aid work (2007) (English) / Le Comité d'Aide au Développement de l'OCDE …lieu de rencontre entre les gouvernements au service du bon fonctionnement de l’aide (2007) (français)
  • Reflection exercise: investing in development – a common cause in a changing world [DCD/DAC(2009)23/REV1] [available on Olis for OECD members]
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment – from rhetoric to results. DAC High Level Meeting Issues Paper [DCD/DAC(2009)10/REV2] [available on Olis for OECD members]


3. Indicators for gender equality and women’s empowerment – the "state of the art" (10 June)




Background documents


4. The impact of the financial and food crises on women – a workshop (afternoon of 10 June)




Background documents

  • DAC and non-OECD donors responding to global development challenges at a time of crisis: DAC High Level Meeting Action Plan
  • Global development challenges at a time of crisis – Issues note [DCD/DAC(2009)12/REV4] [available on Olis for OECD members]
  • Implementing the Accra Agenda for Action as part of the global response to the economic crisis – DAC Chair’s note [DAC/CHAIR(2009)1/REV1] [available on Olis for OECD members]
  • Agriculture, development and food security [DCD/DAC(2009)13/REV1] [available on Olis for OECD members]
  • Power and poverty. Reducing gender inequality by ways of rural employment? S. Bieri and A. Sancar (available in English only)

Workshop on aid effectiveness – how strengthening and using country systems  can help achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment (11 June)




Background documents

5. Global priorities, events and the GENDERNET’s work programme (12 June)


Climate change - update and briefing



United Nations system - progress reports



Reports from members

  • Reports from members and observers on the highlights of their current key priorities and activities [Room Document No.1] [available from the Secretariat on request]

Implementing GENDERNETs programme of work and budget


Working with other DAC subsidiary bodies

  • Draft terms of reference for POVNET's task team on empowerment and pro-poor growth [DCD/DAC/POVNET(2009)5] [available on Olis for OECD members]
  • Aid and domestic accountability, draft paper. GOVNET (2009)



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