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  • 18-October-2011

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    Evaluation Insights #2: Assessing the impacts of budget support

    This note provides an overview of the main findings and conclusions from three recent joint evaluations in Mali, Tunisia and Zambia, testing a jointly developed methodology for evaluating budget support.

  • 4-October-2011


    Launch of the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Development Co-operation Report

    We have made significant progress promoting development but the levels of world poverty are still unacceptably high. What have we done right? Where have we failed? Where are we moving to in development cooperation? This report addresses these and many other crucial questions.

  • 15-June-2011


    Evaluation Insights #1 - Haiti Earthquake Response

    This quick guide for humanitarian policy makers and practitioners distils key findings and emerging lessons from a selection of available evaluations of the response to Haiti’s earthquake in January 2010.

  • 13-May-2011


    Encouraging good practice in development evaluation

    Based on the DAC's 50 years of experience in international development, we've developed a framework for evaluating development policies and programmes.

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  • 23-March-2011


  • 22-March-2011


  • 10-January-2011


    Development Evaluation Resources and Systems: A study of members of the OECD Network on Development Evaluation

    This study takes stock of how the evaluation function is managed and resourced by the members of the OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation, with a focus on the role of central evaluation units.

  • 22-October-2010


    Estándares de calidad para la evaluación del desarrollo

    Basado en un extenso proceso internacional de consulta, Las Normas de Calidad para la Evaluacion del Desarrollo del CAD constituyen una guía de referencia en cuanto a buenas prácticas de evaluación de desarrollo. Con el objeto de mejorar la calidad de los procesos y productos de evaluación, y facilitando la colaboración, esta guía de referencia establece normas en cada una de las fases que conforman un típico proceso de evaluación :

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  • 30-September-2010

    English, PDF, 100kb

    Germany's Evaluation Profile

    Germany's Evaluation Profile

  • 20-September-2010


    Millennium Development Goals: A job well done?

    OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría encourages all countries to meet their commitments to the world’s poorest by achieving the MDGs by 2015.

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