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  • 14-September-2012

    English, PDF, 1,816kb

    DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation

    PDF of the DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation

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  • 13-September-2012

    English, Excel, 333kb

    IOB evaluation guidelines

    These are the IOB evaluation guidelines.

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  • 9-mars-2012


    Soutenir la collaboration

    Soutenir la collaboration

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  • 8-February-2012

    English, PDF, 134kb

    U.S. Department of State Program Evaluation Policy

    U.S. Department of State Program Evaluation Policy

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  • 7-February-2012


  • 25-January-2012


    Aumento de ingresos fiscales: elemento clave para el desarrollo económico en América Latina

    Una mayor movilización de los recursos domésticos se considera normalmente fundamental para que los países puedan afrontar con éxito los desafíos del desarrollo y alcanzar mayores niveles de vida para todos sus habitantes.

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  • 20-January-2012


    DAC Quality Standards Trilingual Version Arabic/French/English

    This trilingual version of the DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation were produced through a partnership involving the United Arab Emirates Office for the Coordination of Foreign Aid, the African Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, and the DAC Evaluation Network.

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  • 30-December-2011

    English, PDF, 309kb

    Evaluation insights Guidelines

    The “Evaluation Insights” series is an opportunity to bring your work to the attention of the broader development community. They are intended for policy communities and decision makers in aid agencies. We will work with you for an active dissemination of the Insights messages, including linking with relevant policy bodies.

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  • 19-December-2011

    English, , 621kb

    Evaluation Insights #4: Effective institutions and good governance for development

    This brief synthesises the progress made in governance and institutional reform based on four major international studies, covering a total of 22 countries.

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  • 19-December-2011

    English, , 851kb

    Evaluation Insights #5: Improving food security

    This note summarises the key findings from the systematic review focusing on the impacts of programmes aimed at increasing food production, developing value chains for food products, reforming markets and improving land security.

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