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African Economic Outlook 2014

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By participating more effectively in the global production of goods and services, Africa can transform its economy and achieve a development breakthrough, according to the latest African Economic Outlook, released on the occasion of the African Development Bank Group’s Annual Meetingson 19 May in Kigali, Rwanda. Produced annually by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the OECD Development Centre and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this year’s report shows that Africa has weathered internal and external shocks and is poised to achieve healthy economic growth rates.

The continent’s growth is projected to accelerate to 4.8 % in 2014 and
5 to 6 % in 2015, levels which have not been seen since the global economic crisis of 2009. Africa’s economic growth is more broad-based, argues the report, driven by domestic demand, infrastructure and increased continental trade in manufactured goods.

The report argues that more effective participation in regional and global value chains - the range of activities in different countries that bring a product from conception to delivery to the consumer – could serve as a springboard for Africa in economic diversification, domestic resource mobilisation and investments in critical infrastructure. In order to do so, however, the continent needs to avoid getting stuck in low value-added activities.

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Interrelations between public policies, migration
and development

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The Development Centre recently launched the field work for the Interrelations between public policies, migration and development project, which consists first of training enumerators on the project’s questionnaires, conducting pilot surveys and finally carrying out the actual data collection on around 2000 households across each partner country.

The field work began in March in Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, and will continue in the project’s eight other countries (Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Haiti, Malaysia, Morocco and the Philippines).

The data is expected to be completely collected and ready by fall, at which point the Development Centre will analyse the data to measure in which ways migration and public policies, such as those governing the agricultural, labour market and educational sectors, interact.

Foundations make their case at the GPEDC
Ministerial Meeting in Mexico

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While still largely absent in Busan, foundations played a prominent role at the first Ministerial Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) in April, not just claiming their rightful seat at the table but also making the case for more collaboration between the philanthropic sector and governments on the basis of the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement (GEPEs).

Following a dedicated focus session facilitated by netFWD- the OECD Global Network of Foundations Working for Development - a number of countries and foundations express interest in the GEPEs, which are acknowledged and supported in the meeting’s official communiqué.

The first country pilots are envisaged for the second semester of 2014 and will be implemented by multi-stakeholder coalitions of government and foundation representatives, as well as other relevant stakeholders.

This Month

African Economic Outlook 2014

Interrelations between public policies, migration and development

Foundations make their case at the GPEDC Ministerial Meeting in Mexico

Upcoming Events

• Paris, 30/06/2014 DEV WEEK
VI International Economic Forum Latin America and the Caribbean

• Paris, 30/06/2014 DEV WEEK
DEV – EU-LAC Foundation joint meeting “New EU development co-operation strategies in Latin America & the Caribbean”

• Paris, 1/07/2014 DEV WEEK
2nd Development Centre High Level Meeting

• Paris, 2/07/2014 DEV WEEK
6th Global Forum on Development

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