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Securing Livelihoods for All: Foresight for Action


The world has made good progress in improving global livelihoods. More than two billion people have emerged from extreme poverty over the last four decades. Unskilled workers have seen real increases in their wages; life expectancy has improved; and literacy is more widespread than ever. Despite these significant improvements, many people remain vulnerable. Furthermore, without action to secure livelihoods, a number of emerging trends threaten to undo much of the improvement made in recent decades. The recent economic and financial crisis has already destabilised many people’s livelihoods.

This study, which was supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, outlines the status of livelihoods today, and explores emerging trends in the economy, technology, demography, environment, security and governance which could affect livelihoods in the future. It asks how we can build secure livelihoods; how societies will adapt to the coming challenges; and whether there are any technological or social innovation opportunities that can be exploited?

The study will be presented during the Global Forum on Development.

More details on the Forum are available at:

To register for the Forum, please click here

Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries

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The expert meeting on “Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries as countries of destination” (23-24 February 2015) brought together twenty-eight migration experts, to discuss methodologies and identify available data and gaps. The topics included labour markets, human capital, productivity, production, entrepreneurship, economic growth, and public finances and goods.

A second expert meeting followed for the Perspectives on Global Development 2016 report on international migration and development. Experts discussed the major trends in the global economy, demography, technology, environment, and political instability and conflict that may affect patterns of migration in the future. The group also developed future scenarios for international migration using foresight techniques, and explored the implications these different scenarios could have on development.

Finally, in a context of growing negative public opinion on migration, Professor Lant Pritchett, Harvard University, argued the case in favour of free human mobility during a lively and constructive evening debate. Marco Salvi, from Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse then explained the results of the popular referendum held in Switzerland in February 2014 which resulted in more restrictive migration policies.

Foundations as catalysts of change: What role in supporting youth and education?

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As a follow up to the recently published netFWD study Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment, the workshop, organised on 5 March, provided participants with the opportunity to further explore innovative approaches implemented by philanthropic foundations to support youth empowerment and education.

Participants shared their strategies and tools, ranging from support for the teaching of social and emotional skills to making financial services accessible to disadvantaged youth, together with the use of new technologies in support of monitoring and evaluation systems. The workshop participants also discussed the extent to which these efforts have come in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and how this contribution could be further scaled up and properly monitored in the Post-2015 framework and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This Month

Securing Livelihoods for All: Foresight for Action

Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration in developing countries

Foundations as catalysts of change: What role in supporting youth and education?

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• Santiago de Chile, 24/03/2015 Presentation of Latin American Economic Outlook 2015

• Jakarta, 24/03/2015

Participation in the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum

• Paris, 31/03/2015
Launch of the report "Securing livelihoods for All"

• Paris, 1/04/2015
Global Forum on Development

Did you know?

…Côte d'Ivoire, Kazakhstan and Tunisia are now officially member of the OECD Development Centre

…This month was International women's day. Consult our SIGI webpage and our new paper: Living up to Beijing’s vision of gender equality: Social norms and transformative change.

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