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Unleashing the potential of African regions


Africa’s economic potential remains underutilised: the continent’s various regions hold a wealth of assets that are too often neglected by centralised policy-making systems. Unleashing that potential is essential for creating the 29 million jobs that new entrants in labour markets will demand by 2030.


To that end, the African Economic Outlook 2015, launched at the Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank in Abidjan in May, suggests place-based, participatory and multi-sectoral development strategies as one way forward.

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International Economic Forum on Latin America
and the Caribbean

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌lac forum

The 7th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Paris on 5 June 2015, brought together nearly 400 policy-makers, private sector and civil society representatives as well as academics to discuss the challenges and opportunities the Latin-American region faces.

The gathering took place at a time when the region’s GDP growth, estimated at 1%, has fallen below the OECD-country average, a first in the past decade. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, Alberto Moreno, President of the IDB, and French Ministers Michel Sapin and Emmanuel Macron welcomed the President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, Ministers of Economy and Finance from the region as well as heads of regional institutions and private sector representatives.

The panellists agreed that reforms in the region are needed, especially ones to improve the quality of education for all and foster innovation and R&D.

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E-Learning in Higher Education in Latin America


The recently published Development Centre study “E-learning in Higher Education in Latin America” highlights the importance of higher education for the region’s development and explores the challenges and opportunities brought about by e-learning (i.e. the incorporation of ICTs into teaching and learning).

The report analyses to what extent e-learning is gaining momentum in the region and whether it is transforming teaching and learning. It also explores how e-learning can help to overcome the longstanding challenges of higher education in the region: unequal access, low quality, disconnection with labour market demands, and the financial sustainability of the system. Survey results from 34 Latin American higher education institutions are presented to shed light on these questions.


This Month

Unleashing the potential of African regions

International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean

E-Learning in Higher Education in Latin America

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• Madrid, 18/06/2015
Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2015 at Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales

• Berlin, 23/06/2015
Presentation of the African Economic Outlook 2015

Paris, 29-30/06/2015 

Annual Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development

• Addis Ababa, 13-16/07/2015

The third UN International Conference on Financing for Development

• Berlin, 9/09/2015
15th International Economic Forum on Africa

Did you know?

…DevCom organised a seminar on Youth Engagement in Support of Development Co-operation

...Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa is forecasted to reach USD 73.5 billion in 2015, underpinned by increasing greenfield investment from China

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Interview with Henri Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of Unit, Europe, Middle East & Africa, OECD Development Centre

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