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Making history with China

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The People’s Republic of China’s entry into the membership ranks of the OECD Development Centre this July marks an important step in China's transition to a new growth model.
It is also a watershed moment for the OECD.

Secretary-General Angel Gurría strongly welcomed China’s entry as a “historic and transformative opportunity for mutually beneficial knowledge-sharing. Membership recognises both China’s sound experience in development and the Development Centre’s role in convening a policy dialogue between OECD and non-OECD countries to advance policy solutions and best practices for sustainable development.

China’s Development Centre membership is expected to strengthen existing partnerships with the global community, including with developing countries, and create new cooperation opportunities with foundations, think tanks and businesses.


Financing development beyond aid

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The Development Centre led two discussions at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development. The first focused on the relationship between development and philanthropic organisations as valuable actors in the post-2015 agenda and featured Amina Mohamed, Special Advisor to Ban Ki-Moon on Post-2015 Development Planning.

DEV’s netFWD contributes both to the UN Secretary General’s efforts to engage with foundations and the OECD Secretary-General’s call to scale up innovative global partnerships.

The second event, organised with the World Bank and the Global Migration Group, looked at how migration, remittances and diasporas finance development. Ways to lower remittance costs and mobilise savings from the diaspora were discussed. Addis reaffirmed the Centre’s contributions to the policies and practices necessary to improve lives.


Increasing tax revenues is crucial to development in emerging Asian economies


Increasing tax revenues and ensuring sustainable domestic resource mobilisation will be critical as emerging Asian economies seek to boost the provision of public goods and services and improve economic growth and living standards.

Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries: Trends in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines shows that the tax-to-GDP ratio has grown steadily since 2000 in all three countries, but has remained relatively stable in recent years.

Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries provides cross-country comparisons across these economies together with Japan and Korea. Comparable and consistent tax statistics facilitate transparent policy dialogue and provide policy makers with an important tool to assess alternative tax reforms.

Beyond statistics in this year’s report - the second edition of Revenue Statistics in Asian Countries and the first to include the Philippines - a special feature provides country profiles on recent tax administration and related reforms in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Continued reforms will be necessary to help these tax administrations raise additional tax revenues in the future.


This Month

Making history with China

Financing development beyond aid

Increasing tax revenues is crucial to development in emerging Asian economies

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• Berlin, 09/09/2015
15th International Economic Forum on Africa

• Paris, 16/09/2015 
Kick-off of the EU Social Protection Systems Programme

New York, 25/09/2015 

Roundtable on Optimising Philanthropy’s Potential to Fast-Track the SDGs, organised by netFWD and hosted by the Ford Foundation

• New York, 26/09/2015

Special High-Level Event on A New Rural Development Paradigm and the Inclusive and Sustainable New Communities Model Inspired by the Saemaul Undong 

Did you know?

…Africa’s GDP growth is expected to strengthen to 4.5% in 2015 and 5% in 2016.

...Today, about 2 billion people in developing countries have access to social safety net programs.

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