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Global Forum on Development 2015

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Global Forum on Development Newsletter Apr 2015

The debates recalled the critical importance of the main components of development finance — aid, investment, tax reforms and domestic resource mobilisation, trade, climate finance, remittances, philanthropy, etc. — and allowed a sharing of views from different sectors and country-level experiences on the challenges that developing countries face in harnessing and co-ordinating these various sources of finance while weighing policy trade-offs to maximise the impact of finance.

High-level panellists stressed the need for better understanding the implications of the new, universal sustainable development agenda in terms of financing and, more broadly, means of implementation. The complexity of implementing the SDGs calls for more innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships while further leveraging the potential of new tools. Several action points to address key hurdles were put forth, by drawing inter alia on the perspective of state and non-state actors.


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EMNET - The Innovation Challenge in Asia

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The EMnet meeting entitled “The Innovation Challenge in Asia” took place on 2 April at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France. It brought together top executives and policy makers from the private sector, governments and ministries to discuss R&D and innovation challenges for the continent, and also included a presentation of the key findings of the OECD Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2015. Secretary Imelda M. Nicolas, Chairperson, Commission on Filipinos Overseas, Office of the President of the Philippines and Dato’ Hafsah Hashim, Chief Executive Officer, SME Corp, Malaysia actively participated in the debates. Expert panels also discussed specific strategies and issues related to green innovation, availability of skills and financial mechanisms.

EMnet, the Emerging Markets Network, is the OECD Development Centre’s business platform for dialogue and analysis of policy challenges, economic trends and business strategies between high-level officials, top executives from multinational corporations and OECD experts, focused on the emerging markets. EMnet events are closed to the public and operate under Chatham House rules in order to trigger outspoken discussions, and share experiences on how companies and policy makers adapt their strategies to emerging markets issues.

Strengthening ties with Southeast Asia











The OECD-Southeast Asia Regional Programme (24-27 March) in Jakarta, Indonesia brought together more than 500 people including ministers, policy makers, business people and representatives from international and regional organisations to explore selected issues related to regional economic integration beyond 2015.

The two major events of the Programme - the Southeast Asia Regional Forum and the 1st Steering Group Meeting were organised on 25 and 26 March. The Forum provided a key opportunity to present the findings of the 2015 edition of the Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, India and China on key macroeconomic and structural policy challenges in ASEAN countries. The presentation was a joint effort by the Development Centre’s Asia Desk, the ASEAN Secretariat, AMRO and the Bank of Indonesia. The Update of the Outlook 2015 was officially released during the 1st Steering Group Meeting on 26 March by the German Ambassador H.E. Heimsoeth. The delegates welcomed the Outlook as a tool to give a horizontal view of activities in the region and recognised it as an important element of the Regional Programme. 

The Outlook 2015 was also presented in Seoul, Korea on 20 March, in co-operation with the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korean Institute for Economic Policy (KIEP). The presentation was followed by an active discussion on key policy challenges in the region.

Main findings and recommendations

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Global Forum on Development 2015

EMNET - The Innovation Challenge in Asia

Strengthening ties with Southeast Asia

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• San Jose, 21/04/2015

National Consultation Seminar in Costa Rica “Assessing the Economic Contribution of Labour Migration in Developing Countries as Countries of Destination"

• Paris, 12/05/2015
4th Plenary Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Global Value Chains (GVCs) Production Transformation and Development

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