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N°327  (01 Sep 2015)  Explaining Diversification in Exports Across Higher Manufacturing Content. What is the role of commodities?

Jan Rieländer, Bakary Traoré

N°326 (March 2015) How do female migration and gender discrimination in social institutions mutually influence each other? 

Gaëlle Ferrant, OECD; and Michele Tuccio, University of Southampton

N°325 (September 2014) Measuring well-being and progress in countries at different stages of development: Towards a more universal conceptual framework
Romina Boarini, OECD; Alexandre Kolev, OECD and Allister McGregor, University of Sussex

N°324 (September 2014) On the effectiveness of exchange rate interventions in emerging markets
Christian Daude, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Arne Nagengast

N°323 (August 2014), Public Financial Management in Infrastructure in Africa
Nana Boateng, Marie Castaing Gachassin, Emilie Gay, Laura Recuero-Virto 

N°322 (May 2014), The Political Economy of Tax Incentives for Investment in the Dominican Republic "Doctoring the Ball"
Christian Daude, Hamlet Gutiérrez and Ángel Melguizo

N°321 (December 2013), Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants
Christian Daude, Arne Nagengast and José Ramón Perea

N°320 (September 2013), Capital flows in Asia-Pacific: Controls, bonanzas and sudden stops

Margit Molnar, Yusuke Tateno and Amornrut Supornsinchai

N°319 (August 2013), The rationale for higher education investment in Ibero-America
José Joaquín Brunner

N°318 (July 2013), How redistributive is fiscal policy in Latin America? The case of Chile and Mexico
Barbara Castelletti

N°317 (April 2013), Opening the black box of contract renegotiations: An analysis of road concessions in Chile, Colombia and Peru
Eduardo Bitran, Sebastián Nieto-Parra and Juan Sebastián Robledo

N° 316 (April 2013), The politics of transport infrastructure policies in Colombia 
Sebastián Nieto-Parra, Mauricio Olivera and Anamaría Tibocha


N° 315 (Nov 2012), What Drives Tax Morale? 
Christian Daude, Hamlet Gutiérrez, Ángel Melguizo

N° 314 (Sep 2012), On the Relevance of Relative Poverty for Developing Countries 
Christopher Garroway, Juan Ramón de Laiglesia

N° 313 (June 2012), Development Accounting: Lessons for Latin America
Christian Daude


N° 96 (May 2012), The Middle-Income Trap: Comparing Asian and Latin American Experiences
Anna Jankowska, Arne Nagengast, José Ramón Perea


N° 95 (Sep 2011), The Privatisation of Infrastructure
Alexis Maingard, Laura Recuero Virto

N° 94 (June 2011), Should ASEAN Countries Embrace Carbon Labelling as a Means to Reduce Emissions?
Ana Santillana


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