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330 (03 March 2016) Does gender discrimination in social institutions matter for long-term growth? Cross-country evidence
Gaëlle Ferrant, Alexandre Kolev 

N°329 (06 Jan 2016) Mind the skills gap! Regional and industry patterns in emerging economies
Ángel Melguizo, José Ramón Perea

N°328  (16 Dec 2015)  Income mobility in times of economic growth - The case of Viet Nam

Ian Brand-Weiner, Francesca Francavilla


N°327  (01 Sep 2015)  Explaining Diversification in Exports Across Higher Manufacturing Content. What is the role of commodities?

Jan Rieländer, Bakary Traoré


326 (March 2015) How do female migration and gender discrimination in social institutions mutually influence each other? 

Gaëlle Ferrant, OECD; and Michele Tuccio, University of Southampton


N°325 (September 2014) Measuring well-being and progress in countries at different stages of development: Towards a more universal conceptual framework
Romina Boarini, OECD; Alexandre Kolev, OECD and Allister McGregor, University of Sussex


N°324 (September 2014) On the effectiveness of exchange rate interventions in emerging markets
Christian Daude, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Arne Nagengast

N°323 (August 2014), Public Financial Management in Infrastructure in Africa
Nana Boateng, Marie Castaing Gachassin, Emilie Gay, Laura Recuero-Virto 

N°322 (May 2014), The Political Economy of Tax Incentives for Investment in the Dominican Republic "Doctoring the Ball"
Christian Daude, Hamlet Gutiérrez and Ángel Melguizo

N°321 (December 2013), Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants
Christian Daude, Arne Nagengast and José Ramón Perea

N°320 (September 2013), Capital flows in Asia-Pacific: Controls, bonanzas and sudden stops

Margit Molnar, Yusuke Tateno and Amornrut Supornsinchai

N°319 (August 2013), The rationale for higher education investment in Ibero-America
José Joaquín Brunner

N°318 (July 2013), How redistributive is fiscal policy in Latin America? The case of Chile and Mexico
Barbara Castelletti

N°317 (April 2013), Opening the black box of contract renegotiations: An analysis of road concessions in Chile, Colombia and Peru
Eduardo Bitran, Sebastián Nieto-Parra and Juan Sebastián Robledo

N° 316 (April 2013), The politics of transport infrastructure policies in Colombia 
Sebastián Nieto-Parra, Mauricio Olivera and Anamaría Tibocha


N° 315 (Nov 2012), What Drives Tax Morale? 
Christian Daude, Hamlet Gutiérrez, Ángel Melguizo

N° 314 (Sep 2012), On the Relevance of Relative Poverty for Developing Countries 
Christopher Garroway, Juan Ramón de Laiglesia

N° 313 (June 2012), Development Accounting: Lessons for Latin America
Christian Daude


N° 96 (May 2012), The Middle-Income Trap: Comparing Asian and Latin American Experiences
Anna Jankowska, Arne Nagengast, José Ramón Perea


N° 95 (Sep 2011), The Privatisation of Infrastructure
Alexis Maingard, Laura Recuero Virto

N° 94 (June 2011), Should ASEAN Countries Embrace Carbon Labelling as a Means to Reduce Emissions?
Ana Santillana


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