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Federico Bonaglia


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Deputy Director (acting) 

Development Centre

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

2 rue A. Pascal, 75016, Paris (France)








An economist by training, Mr. Bonaglia studied at Bocconi University in Milano and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He holds a Master with honours in economics and social sciences and a Master in Economics from Bocconi University. 


Mr Bonaglia became Head of the Policy Dialogue Division in June 2011. The Division is responsible for coordinating the Centre’s policy dialogue activities. It hosts the OECD Policy Dialogue Networks on “Global Value Chains and Production Transformation” and on “Natural resource-based Development”, as well as various non-governmental networks, such as the Emerging Markets Network (EmNet) – a network of multinational enterprises; the Network of Foundations Working for Development (NetFWD); and the Informal Network of DAC Development Communicators (DevCom) – the network of Heads of Information and Communication from development co-operation agencies. In this capacity, Mr. Bonaglia also coordinates the contributions from the Development Centre to OECD horizontal activities and represents the OECD in the G20 development working group.

Mr. Bonaglia began his career at the OECD in October 1999, when he first joined Development Centre as research assistant. At the OECD he has been working, with increasing responsibilities, on the economic and institutional consequences of globalization for developing countries. His research interests focus on international trade and investment, as well as private sector development and agriculture. He contributed and led several research projects in the area of aid for trade, investment, private sector development, and measuring structural reforms. His work led him to be involved in research focussing on Africa, South-East Asia, Central America, and on the Black Sea and Central Asia regions.

In 2008, he was loaned to Italy’s Prime Minister’s office, where he worked for two years as Senior Advisor in the G8/G20 Sherpa Office, heading the Development Division and co‑ordinating Italy’s participation in the Heligendamm Dialogue Process (HDP).  Upon his return to the OECD in 2010, he worked as Senior Policy Analyst at the Development Co‑operation Directorate of the DAC, where he co‑ordinated, in close co‑operation with the OECD G20 Sherpa, the Organisation’s contributions to the development work streams of the G8 and G20 processes.  In 2009 he was Selected as a Young Leader for the Young Leaders Program of the Council for the United States and Italy.



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List of Publications & Working Papers

> Export Diversification and Global Value Chains: Lessons from Selected Case Studies
By Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein. A chapter in Business for Development 2007. Fostering the Private Sector.

> Agriculture in Africa: Open for Business?
By Federico Bonaglia and Masato Hayasikawa. A chapter in Business for Development 2007. Fostering the Private Sector.

> Meeting the Challenge of Private Sector Development: Evidence from the Mekong sub-Region (11/2006)
This book explores how governments can help firms in developing countries better seize the opportunities created by globalisation and contribute to improving employment opportunities and poverty reduction

> La Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo  (09/2006)
By Federico Bonaglia and V. De Luca

> Globalizzazione e Sviluppo (2006)
By Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein

> Values in EU Development Cooperation Policy (2006)
By Federico Bonalgia, A. Goldstein and F. Petito. A chapter in Values and Principles in European Foreign Policy, by S. Lucarelli and I Manners

> Trade Capacity Building and Export Diversification in Africa (2005/06)
By Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku. A chapter in African Development Perspectives Yearbook, 2005/06, vol.11, p. 139-171

> Globalizzazione e Sviluppo (Globalisation and Development) (04/2003)
By Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein

> Trading Competitively: Trade Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa   (01/2002)
By Federico Bonaglia and Kiichiro Fukasaku

> The Reform Process in Africa: Towards a Quantification (05/2000)
By Federico Bonaglia, Andrea Goldstein and Christine Richaud


Working Papers & Policy Insights


> Strengthening Productive Capacities in Emerging Economies through Internationalisation: Evidence from the Appliance Industry (07/2007)
By Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein

Africans Need Not Miss Out on the Benefits of Globalisation (05/2007)
By Federico Bonaglia, Nicola Pinaud and Lucia Wegner

More than T-Shirts: The Integration of Developing Country Producers in Global Value Chains (05/2007)
By Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein

Trade and Structural Adjustment in Selected Developing Countries (07/2005)
By Federico Bonaglia, J. Anderson, K. Fukasaku and C. Lesser

> Export Diversification in Low-Income Countries: An International Challenge after Doha
By Federico Bonaglia (06/2003)

> How Globalisation Improves Governance
By Federico Bonaglia, Maurizio Bussolo and Jorge Braga de Macedo (11/2001)

> Lo Stock di Capitale nelle Regioni Italiane (DATE ?)
By Federico Bonaglia and Lucio Picci


Articles in Journals and in the Media


> Accelerated Internationalisatin by Emerging Multinationals: The Case of White Goods (08/2007))
Journal of World Business, by Federico Bonaglia, Andrea Goldstein and John Mathews

> Egypt and the Investment Development Path. Insights from two Case Studies (2006)
International Journal of Emerging Markets, by Federico Bonaglia and Andrea Goldstein, Vol. 1, No.2

> Public Capital and Economic Performance: Evidence from Italy (02/2000)
Giornale degli Economisti Vol. 60 (Italy), by Federico Bonaglia, Massimiliano Marcellino and Eliana La Ferrara


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