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DevCom Network Meeting on Development Results - Berlin, 19-20 May 2008


Donor countries have committed to scaling up their aid efforts: during the Gleneagles G-8 summit they committed to double aid to Africa by 2010. European countries committed to spend 0.7 % of their GNI on aid by 2015 under the 2005 Luxembourg presidency.

However, recent ODA figures from the OECD DAC show that aid has only increased slightly and that donors need to step-up their efforts to meet their own commitments.

Political will and high public support are indispensible if donors really want to live up to their promises. Public support for aid is high but shallow, and people are sceptical about whether aid really works. Discussions and research in the DevCom Network show that demonstrating concrete results is the best way to convince politicians and public opinion that aid really works.

In order to be able to show results, aid management needs to be focused on results. This entails, amongst other things, conceptual clarity about results, statistical capacity in partner countries, effective aid agencies and mutual accountability mechanisms. Information about results not only needs to be used in the evaluation process for more effective aid, but also needs to be available to communication departments.

Efforts to better focus aid management on results are underway in the DAC Joint Venture on Managing for Development results (JV MfDR). Staff in aid agencies responsible for communication about development aid are organised in the Informal Network of DAC Development Communicators (DevCom Network).

In order to better integrate how agencies manage for and communicate about results, the secretariat of the DevCom Network at the OECD Development Centre and the secretariat of the JV MfDR organised a meeting to address this issue in Berlin on 19-20 May, hosted by the German Federal  Ministry for Economic Co-Operation and Development (BMZ).



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Donor incentives for aid effectiveness and agency effectiveness by Penny Innes - Berlin DevCom , by Penny Innes (DFID) 

Presentation - Managing for and Communicating about results at AFD - Berlin DevCom , by Jean-Marc Pradelle (AFD)

Presentation - Ongoing work in the JV MfDR by Stefan Schmitz - Berlin DevCom , by Stefan Schmitz (OECD)


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