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Dev Centre News Flash - Special Issue of Great Insights




The OECD Development Centre and the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)
are pleased to release a special issue of GREAT Insights, following-up to the 
2012 OECD Global Forum on Development (28-29 February).



This year's Forum focused on the issue of domestic resource mobilization, with a particular emphasis on effective and efficient public expenditure. We have asked the speakers and panelist to summarize for us the key points of their presentations.

You can access this month's issue in PDF or HTML format.



This Month

  • ECDPM/OECD: Taking the Domestic Resource Mobilisation Agenda Forward 
  • Melissa Dalleau: Unlocking private finance for Africa’s infra- structure development: Tips and Traps
  • Mario Pezzini and Jon Lomoy: Domestic resource mobilisation: from taxes to spending 
  • Vito Tanzi: Reflections on Changing Development Fiscal Strategies Over Time 
  • Gyan Chandra Acharya: Global Development Agenda and the Least Developed Countries    
  • Woochong Um: Asia’s Infrastructure: Right Investments with the Right Partners 
  • Jörgen Kosmo: Strengthening the Capacity of Supreme Audit Institutions 
  • Florencio Abad: Reforming Public Expenditure Management in the Philippines 
  • Vicente Fretes Cibils and Gustavo GarciÌa OsiÌo: Fiscal Sustainability - Lessons and Challenges from the New World 
  • Nora Lustig: Cash Transfers and Poverty in Latin America   
  • Ivar Sikk: Fiscal consolidation in Estonia    
  • Francesco Rampa and Quentin de Roquefeuil: Food Security plans in Eastern and Southern Africa: COMESA or Tripartite? 


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