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  • 9-March-2012

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    Spotlight on Asia

    The SAEO draws upon the OECD Development Centre’s close co-operation with other OECD directorates such as the Statistics Directorate and the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, which are known as leading providers of reliable, unbiased and comparable economic and social data.

  • 2-février-2012


    Séminaire régional sur "Réduire les écarts de développement en Asie du Sud-Est"

    Le séminaire fera partager les résultats de la dernière publication annuelle du Centre de développement de l'OCDE : les "Perspectives économiques en Asie du Sud-Est 2011-2012", notamment son étude approfondie sur la croissance verte, qui vise à fournir un contexte macro-économique de la région, et les "Perspectives du dévelopment mondial 2012", qui montrent les enjeux de la cohésion sociale.

  • 19-January-2012

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    2011-12 Southeast Asian Economic Outlook - Executive Summary

    Increased global uncertainty is casting a shadow over the economic outlook of Southeast Asia, yet, according to this 2nd edition of the Southeast Asian Economic Outlook, the region will enjoy solid growth until 2016 and real gross domestic product is projected to grow at 5.6% per year on average.

  • 16-January-2012

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    Dev Working Paper 308: Technological Upgrading in China and India

    This paper studies sources of technological upgrading in China and India. What is striking about the impressive growth of China and (to a lesser degree) India is that they export products associated with a high productivity level that is much higher than a country at their income level. China’s export bundle has changed dramatically, diversifying into technology intensive products.

  • 9-January-2012

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    Labour market changes, labour disputes and social cohesion in China, Dev Working Paper 307

    Labour disputes have intensified in China in recent years, alongside the labour shortages and wage inflation, particularly since 2008 when several Chinese labour related laws were issued or updated. This paper describes basic situations of labour disputes and examines the determinants of labour disputes from macro and micro perspectives

  • 29-November-2011

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  • 29-novembre-2011

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  • 29-novembre-2011


    Communiqué de presse : Les Perspectives économiques en Asie du Sud-Est 2011-2012

    Communiqué de presse : Les Perspectives économiques en Asie du Sud-Est 2011-2012

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  • 16-novembre-2011


    Perspectives économiques en Asie du Sud-Est 2011/12

    L'édition 2011/12 des " Perspectives économiques en Asie du Sud-Est 2011" (SAEO) était lancée à Jakarta le 29 Novembre, 2011 à l'occasion du séminaire régional sur "Perspective économique et défis politiques en Asie du Sud-Est".

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  • 9-October-2011

    English, , 619kb

    Asian Business Cycle Indicators (ABCIs) (October 2011)

    Asian growth will moderate in the coming months as global uncertainty casts a shadow over Asian economies with deterioration in business and consumer sentiments and a negative reaction in financial markets. Asian countries need to be vigilant of macroeconomic management.

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