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  • 30-June-2014


    Sexto Foro Económico Internacional para América Latina y el Caribe

    La relación de la OCDE con América Latina sigue creciendo, junto con la importancia de la región en la economía internacional. La participación de los países latinoamericanos en nuestros comités, working groups e iniciativas es más fuerte que nunca.

  • 17-June-2014


    Shifting Wealth

    Understanding the impact of the global rebalancing in Latin America, from the rise of new emerging economies, to the global recomposition of production and the overcoming of the Middle Income Trap.

  • 6-June-2014


    Latin America - Papers and Publications on Competitiveness

    Boosting competitiveness requires broad based policies in areas such as infrastructure, education and skills, innovation and financial inclusion. We contribute to the design and success of these policies.

  • 6-June-2014


    Fiscal Policy and Inequality

    Tackling inequality requires finding the right policy mix, including strong tax systems, good public services and inclusive social policies for the poor and the emerging middle class.

  • 8-April-2014


    Latin America - Publications and Papers

    Latin America: publications, working papers and studies

  • 11-février-2014


    Presentaciones del informe Perspectivas Económicas de América Latina 2014: 18 y 19 de febrero de 2014

    Expertos economistas del Centro de Desarrollo de la OCDE presentarán las principales conclusiones de los informes Perspectivas Económicas de América Latina 2014 y las Estadísticas Tributarias de la OCDE en América Latina los próximos 18 de febrero de 2014 en París y en Santo Domingo, y el 19 de febrero de 2014 en Madrid

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  • 4-February-2014

    English, PDF, 767kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 322: “Doctoring the ball”: The political economy of tax incentives for investment in the Dominican Republic

    This working paper contributes to the understanding of the use of investment tax incentives, which are widely used in developing countries to foster investment and competitiveness, not always with the desired outcomes. In particular in Central America and the Caribbean, competition to attract foreign direct investment has lead towards a significant erosion of the tax base in many countries.

  • 20-janvier-2014


    Amérique Latine: les recettes fiscales continuent d'augmenter mais restent faibles et variables selon les pays, d’après le nouveau rapport OCDE-CEPALC-CIAT

    Les recettes fiscales dans les pays d’Amérique latine continuent d’augmenter mais restent inférieures, en proportion du revenu national, à celles de la plupart des pays de l’OCDE, selon la dernière édition des Statistiques des Recettes Publiques en Amérique latine.

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  • 14-janvier-2014


    Publicación del Informe de la OCDE Estadísticas Tributarias en América Latina 2014

    El lunes 20 de enero de 2014, la OCDE presentará la edición 2014 de su publicación sobre políticas de recaudación titulada Estadísticas Tributarias en América Latina

  • 16-December-2013

    English, PDF, 1,020kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 321: Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants

    Recent research associated structural transformation to a change in the type of goods a country produces and exports. This change entails a gradual move towards goods that embody greater physical and/or human capital, which is conceptualized as the “economic complexity” of a country. This paper unveils the determinants of this variable, taking into account the set of factors affecting the degree of economic complexity in countries.

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