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  • 22-April-2020


    El COVID-19 y la Conducta Empresarial Responsable

    La crisis de COVID-19 ha impactado la economía, las personas y el planeta. La adopción de un enfoque de conducta empresarial responsable en las respuestas gubernamentales y empresariales frente a la crisis, generará beneficios a corto y largo plazo, como una mayor capacidad de recuperación, una distribución más justa e inclusiva de los beneficios de las medidas de recuperación y una contribución más fuerte al desarrollo sostenible.

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  • 22-avril-2020


    La corruption ne doit pas compromettre la réponse mondiale à la pandémie de coronavirus

    Face à la flambée de la pandémie de coronavirus, le Groupe de travail de l’OCDE sur la corruption réaffirme son engagement collectif à lutter contre la corruption transnationale conformément aux dispositions de la Convention anti-corruption de l’OCDE.

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  • 17-April-2020


    OECD investment policy responses to COVID-19

    This note considers the implications and challenges for international investment and offers initial responses from the OECD investment policy community as economies around the world address the crisis and prepare for the recovery.

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  • 16-April-2020


    COVID-19 and Responsible Business Conduct

    This reviews the challenges the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis presents for business behaviour and outlines initial responses by governments and companies. It describes the rationale and method for adopting a responsible business conduct approach to address the crisis and sets down the potential short-term and long-term benefits of such an approach.

  • 10-April-2020

    English, PDF, 706kb

    Initial assessment of insurance coverage and gaps for tackling COVID-19 impacts

    In addition to the health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, both individuals and businesses face significant costs and losses. This note reviews the potential coverage available for COVID-19 related losses across different lines of insurance business and provides a high-level assessment of the availability of coverage based on common industry practices as of April 2020.

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  • 9-April-2020


    Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy

    Each year, the Competition Committee holds several Best Practice Roundtables. This list contains links to the proceedings from these roundtables from 1995 to the present date.

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  • 8-April-2020


    Responding to COVID-19 challenges: Cash buffers for a rainy day

    8 April 2020 - The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is posing many challenges for the economy and public financial management systems. Yasemin Hurcan, Fatos Koc and Emre Balibek talk about how "cash buffers" can help governments mitigate short-term liquidity needs.

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  • 7-April-2020


    Forum on responsible mineral supply chains

    CANCELLED - 7-9 April 2020 - We regret to inform you that due to recent developments with respect to the coronavirus (Covid-19) and in order to ensure the health and safety of any guests to the OECD, the OECD leadership has decided to cancel the Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains scheduled to take place on 7-9 April 2020.

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  • 2-April-2020


    Disaster risk financing

    Disasters present a broad range of human, social, financial, economic and environmental impacts, with potentially long-lasting, multi-generational effects. The financial management of these impacts is a key challenge for individuals and governments in developed and developing countries. The OECD supports the development of strategies for the financial management of natural and man-made disaster risks.

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