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OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Philippines 2016

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Published on May 12, 2016

This review assesses the overall investment climate in the Philippines, looking at investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, competition policy, infrastructure investment and responsible business conduct. The Review documents successful reform episodes over the past 25 years in the Philippines, assesses their impact and suggests areas for further reforms. It looks at how to raise investment levels by both foreign and domestic enterprises and at how to ensure that such investment contributes to sustainable and inclusive growth. The current macroeconomic situation in the Philippines is favourable, remittances are high, the business process outsource industry is booming, and the new Competition Act will help to make the domestic market more competitive. The Review argues for one further reform push to ease the many restrictions on foreign investors in the Philippines so as to provide an investment climate where all firms can invest and grow.


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Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Philippine reform environment: Successes and challenges
Legal protection of investment in the Philippines
Investment promotion and facilitation in the Philippines
Competition policy in the Philippines
Infrastructure investment in the Philippines
Responsible business conduct in the Philippines
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Launch event: Philippines report

26 April 2016 - OECD Conference Centre - Paris, France

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Douglas Frantz and Adrian Cristobal, Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, Philippines, welcomed participants to the official launch in Paris on 26 April 2016.

A high-level panel presented reform successes and remaining challenges in the Philippines. Debates then addressed how best to promote and support the recommendations in the report.


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