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D‌ecember 2014
FDI in Figures - Global trends in FDI + excel tables


November 2014
International investment in Europe: A canary in the coal mine?


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Implementing the latest international standards for compiling FDI statistics

18 February 2015 - In 2014, many countries implemented the latest international guidelines for compiling FDI statistics. The new standards have resulted in significant changes in FDI statistics, including new measures of FDI at the global level.

 Historic FDI statistics time series

FDI Inflows 1998-2013 (xls)

FDI statistics - FDI Inflows bijou


FDI Outflows 1998-2013 (xls)

FDI statistics - FDI Outflows bijou

FDI series from 1990 to Q4 2013 (xls)  


   - FDI inflows (annual, quarterly)

   - FDI outflows (annual, quarterly)

   - FDI inward positions (stocks, annual)

   - FDI outward positions (stocks, annual)

Frequently asked questions about how OECD collects FDI statistics

Explanatory notes (pdf)

Glossary of FDI terms (pdf)


Access free, downloadable, FDI statistics on the OECD.Stat database:

FDI aggregates for OECD and G20 countries

> FDI flows by partner country

> FDI flows by industry

> FDI position by industry

> FDI position by partner country


NB. FDI statistics are categorised under Globalisation on OECD.Stat.

Background information about data collection

 Country comparisons of regulatory restrictiveness

FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index

This index is available for 58 countries, including all G20 members, and 22 sectors. It gauges the restrictiveness of a country’s FDI rules by looking at the 4 main types of restrictions on FDI: foreign equity limitations, screening or approval mechanisms, restrictions on the employment of foreigners as key personnel, and operational restrictions.

 Online database and publication

OECD International Direct Investment Statistics 2012 - cover page

OECD International Direct Investment Statistics 2014

30 June 2014

Driven by technological change, global competition and the liberalisation of markets, international direct investment plays a key role in the process of global economic integration. OECD compiles and disseminates reliable and up-to-date statistics which are essential for a meaningful interpretation of investment trends for informed policy making. These statistics are based on official reports by OECD countries for investments world-wide. Internationally comparable data makes it possible to measure the degree of economic integration and competitiveness of markets.

 Benchmark definition of FDI

OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment

Operational guidelines on how foreign direct investment (FDI) activity should be measured, setting the world standard for direct investment statistics.





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