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OECD Conference on Pension Reform in Russia


Moscow, 24-26 September 2003

The OECD Conference on Pension Reform in Russia was organised in Moscow on 24-26 September 2003. The conference, held under the aegis of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members Countries, was co-sponsored by the various Russian Ministries responsible for pension reform, the United States Department of Commerce, and Russian and American industry partners.

The key objective of the conference was to provide an international forum for senior governmental officials, leading pension policy experts, and private pension market representatives in which they discussed the key policy issues related to implementation of the new, privately funded pension system in Russia and “best practice” regulatory and supervisory mechanisms used in OECD countries to ensure effective and efficient pension provision.

Conference Documentation

Session 1: Overview of Russian Pension Reform and the Road Ahead

Session 2: Introduction to OECD/INPRS Principles and Guidelines for Pension Funds

Session 3: Asset Management: Regulatory Standards for Investment and the Investment Process

Session 4: Impact of Guarantees on Pension Plan Funding and Investment

Session 5: Investment Opportunities in Transitional Economies and the Role of Pension Funds as Institutional Investors

Session 6: Supervisory Structure, Perspectives and Techniques: Focus on Supervision of Asset Management and Financial Institutions

Session 7: Explaining Reform to the Public, Educating the Consumer and Protecting Pension Fund Members

Session 8: Administrative and IT Challenges for Russian Authorities

Session 9: Understanding Fees and Controlling Costs


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