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Institutional investors and long-term investment project research


DAF LTI research iconThis page provides access to data collected and policy research conducted within the framework of the OECD project on institutional investors and long-term investment.


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Annual survey of large pension funds

This survey monitors investments by investors both within and outside the OECD that are among the largest in their respective countries. It compiles data for 2014 institutional investors from 35 countries around the world, accounting for over USD 9.7 trillion of assets under management.


December 2014

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Pooling of institutional investors capital – Selected case studies in unlisted equity infrastructure

April 2014

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Institutional investors as owners: Who are they and what do they do?

This paper provides a framework for analysing the character and degree of ownership engagement by institutional investors. It argues that the general term "institutional investor" in itself doesn’t say very much about the quality or degree of ownership engagement. It is therefore an evasive "shorthand" for policy discussions about ownership engagement.


Dec 2013

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Institutional Investors and Infrastructure Financing

This paper seeks to identify the main trends in long-term financial intermediation focusing on the role of institutional investors in providing long-term finance for growth and development. It also highlights infrastructure as one specific sector that is facing major challenges in long-term financing.


Nov 2013

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Institutional investors and green infrastructure investments: Selected case studies

This report examines the channels through which institutional investors can access green infrastructure, assesses the extent to which this is currently happening, identifies the barriers to scaling up these investment flows, draws out broader lessons for governments on the policy settings which may support investment in green infrastructure by institutional investors.

Oct 2013

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Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure

This document intends to inform policy-makers on ways of enhancing investment in clean energy infrastructure, especially in developing and emerging economies. It focuses on the role that they can play in scaling up private sector investment and shifting it from conventional sources of energy to clean energy.

August 2013

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Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: A Comparison between Australia and Canada

This paper compares and contrasts the experience of institutional investors in Australia and Canada looking at factors such as infrastructure policies, the pension system, investment strategies and governance of pension funds.

July 2013

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OECD-Euromoney Infrastructure Summit - summary record

OECD-Euromoney Infrastructure Summit "Investment Opportunities and Financing Solutions for Investors" was held on 29 May 2013 in Paris

May 2013

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G20-OECD High-level roundtable on institutional investors and long-term investment - summary record

The High-Level Roundtable on Institutional Investors and Long-Term Investment "From problems to solutions: policy measures to address constraints in long-term investment" was organised under the aegis of the G20 Russian Presidency and the OECD. The meeting was held on 28 May 2013 in Paris.

May 2013

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Long-term investment, the cost of capital and the dividend and buyback puzzle

The paper argues that interest rates are at extremely low levels to support banks, and the search for yield has pushed the liquidity driven speculative bubble from real estate, derivatives and structured products markets into the corporate debt market.

May 2013

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The Role of Banks, Equity Markets and Institutional Investors in Long-Term Financing for Growth and Development - Report for G20 Leaders

This report was presented at the meeting of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on 15-16 February 2013 in Moscow. At this meeting, G20 leaders agreed to establish a Study Group on Financing for Investment with the co-operation of international organisations. The findings of this report will contribute to the work of the Study Group.

Feb 2013

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The effect of solvency regulations and accounting standards on long-term investing: Implications for insurers and pension funds

This report reviews recent accounting and regulatory changes as well as a summary of the evidence gathered to date their impact on long-term investing. It describes recent trends in asset allocation by pension funds and insurers across the OECD and identifies instances where the regulatory framework – particularly solvency rules – may have an effect on investment decisions.


Dec 2012

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Trends in large pension fund investment in infrastructure

This paper draws on information collected from the 2011 Survery of Large Pension Funds. 


Dec 2012

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Global imbalances and the development of capital flows among Asian countries

Against a backdrop of huge potential demands for infrastructure investment in the Asian region, this note makes recommendations to help develop bond markets in Asia. It also makes proposals for facilitating the financial inclusion of SMEs which outnumber other types of business in Asia.


Oct 2012

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Infrastructure investment in new markets: Challenges and opportunities for pension funds

This report reviews the existing evidence on pension funds investment in infrastructure in “new” markets, including countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa. The report examines the role of both domestic and foreign pension funds in infrastructure investment and provides a set of policy recommendations to facilitate such investments.

Oct 2012

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The role of institutional investors in financing clean energy

Even if governments were to improve the coherence and ambition of their climate policies, they cannot assume that capital will flow in the quantities needed and in the timeframe required. There are aspects of the investment environment that also need to be improved if clean energy is going to be an attractive proposition for some of the large pools of capital managed by institutional investors.

Sept 2012

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Defining and measuring green investment

This paper provides a comprehensive review of the concepts and definitions related to green investments that are currently in use. This research does not take a position on a specific definition but rather explores what is being generally used, identifying commonalties, inconsistencies and lessons to be drawn. The paper also examines how green investments are defined across different asset classes and provides some estimates of the size of these investments.

Sept 2012

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G20/OECD policy note on pension fund financing for green infrastructure and initiatives

Pension funds represent a potential source of financing for long-term, green growth infrastructure. This policy note examines existing barriers and problems and puts forward proposals that G20 and other policy makers may wish to consider when addressing the financing of green initiatives.

June 2012

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