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Schedule of meetings


Financial education events organised by the OECD are listed below. Although this list is updated regularly, please note that the dates of events can change at short notice. Attendance is by invitation only.


Oct 13-14 New-Zealand-OECD Global Symposium on Financial Education, Auckland, co-organised with the Commission for Financial Capability
June 1-2 OJK-OECD High-level Regional Seminar on Empowering MSMEs through Financial Literacy and Inclusion, Jakarta, Indonesia
April 20-21 Netherlands-OECD Global symposium on financial resilience throughout life, Amsterdam, co-organised with the Money Wise Platform



Sept 30- Oct 2 Malaysia-OECD High-level Symposium on Financial Well-being, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, co-organised with the Bank Negara, Malaysia
May 7 3rd OECD-GFLEC Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy: Harnessing Financial Education to Spur Entrepreneurship and Innovation, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France
Jan 22-23 ADBI-Japan-OECD High-level Global Symposium: Promoting better lifetime planning through financial education, Tokyo, Japan, co-organised with JFSA Japan, the Central Bank of Japan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).



Dec 16-17 OECD/Thailand Seminar on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy in Asia, co-organised with the Bank of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission (followed by the 5th OECD/INFE Asian Roundtable on the Role of Financial Authorities in Financial Literacy and Inclusion, co-organised with the Bank of Thailand)
Nov 27-28 VI Conference on Economic and Financial Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile, co-organised with CEMLA
Nov 6 2nd OECD-GFLEC Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France
July 9 Launch of the OECD PISA financial literacy assessment of students
PISA Volume VI: Students and Money - Financial Literacy Skills for the 21st Century, OECD Conference Centre, Paris
May 22-23 High-level International Conference: Global and European Trends in Financial Education, Istanbul, Turkey, co-organised with the Capital Markets Board of Turkey
Feb 26-27 High-level Global Symposium on Financial Education: Promoting Long-term Savings and Investments, Seoul, Korea, co-organised with the Financial Services Commission and Financial Supervisory Service of Korea



Nov 28-29

V Conference on Economic and Financial Education in Latin America, La Paz, Bolivia, co-organised with the CEMLA, under the aegis of the Banco Central de Bolivia

Oct 31

OECD-INFE-GFLEC Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy, Paris, France

June 13-14

Russia G20 Presidency-World Bank-OECD conference on Empowering Consumers of Financial Products and Services, Moscow, Russia

May 16-17

OECD-Czech Republic international conference on financial education, Prague, Czech Republic

March 4-6 Regional dissemination conference for the Russia/OECD/World Bank Trust Fund in co-operation with the World Bank, New Delhi, India
Jan 30-31 Regional dissemination conference for the Russia/OECD/World Bank Trust Fund in co-operation with the World Bank, Kenya



Dec 13-14

HKMA-SFC-OECD Asian Seminar on Financial Consumer Protection and Education, in co-operation with the Monetary Authority and Securities Commission of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dec 6-7

International Conference on Financial Education in Latin America, co-organised with Centrale Bank van Suriname and CEMLA, Paramaribo, Suriname

Oct 31 - Nov 1

Colombia-OECD-World Bank Conference on Financial Education: Progress of global policies and practices and Latin American experiences, Cartagena, Colombia

Sept 11-12 Asian high-level seminar on financial literacy and 3rd Roundtable of Asian central banks on financial literacy and inclusion, in co-operation with the Central Bank of the Philippines, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
May 10-11 OECD-Spain International Conference on Financial Education: Turning Policy Guidance into Efficient Practices, Madrid, Spain
Feb 3-4 SEBI-OECD International Conference on Investor Education, Goa, India



Oct 27-28

OECD-FSB Conference on Financial Literacy: Financial Education for All, Cape Town, South Africa

June 27-28

BI-OECD Regional Asian Seminar on Financial Literacy: Towards a National Strategy on Financial Education, Jakarta, Indonesia

May 26-27

OECD International Conference on Financial Education, Toronto, Canada



Oct 20-21

OECD-Lebanese International Conference on Financial Education, Beirut, Lebanon

June 9

OECD-Bank of Italy Symposium on Financial Literacy: Improving Financial Education Efficiency, Rome, Italy

March 22-23 RBI-OECD Workshop on Delivering Financial Literacy: Challenges, Approaches and Instruments, Bangalore, India



Dec 15-16

OECD-Brazilian International Conference on Financial Education, Rio, Brazil

May 20

OECD-IEFP Symposium on Financial Education, Paris, France



Oct 21-22

OECD-Bank Indonesia International Conference on Financial Education, Bali, Indonesia,

May 7-8

OECD-US Treasury International Conference on Financial Education, Washington, USA



April 13

International Seminar on Awareness and Education Relative to Risks and Insurance Issues, Istanbul, Turkey



Sept 21-22

OECD Conference on Financial Education, New Delhi, India


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