Éducation financière

In focus

  • OECD-GFLEC symposium on financial education for sustainable and inclusive growth

    Paris, 18 May 2018: This event will focus on policy and academic research looking at the relationship between financial education policies and broad economic, financial and social outcomes, including its role in supporting sustainable and inclusive growth.

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  • OECD-CVM events on financial education and consumer protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Rio de Janeiro, 11-14 December 2017: OECD and CVM Brazil are co-hosting a series of events addressing the most recent trends, opportunities and challenges in financial education, financial consumer protection and financial innovation. This first event will include the inaugural meeting of the OECD CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in LAC, a G20/OECD Task Force research seminar on FCP, and a seminar on technology and innovation in the Brazilian and Latin American financial sector.

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  • Behavioural economics and financial consumer protection

    This paper looks at the application of behavioural economics in the area of financial consumer protection and how numerous governments are testing and implementing its application for policies promoting financial consumer protection. It highlights how behavioural economics can help provide cost-efficient ways of making policy more effective at promoting positive outcomes for consumers.

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