Mergers: Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


List of all proceedings of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series dealing with Mergers (by alphabetical order).


Airline Mergers and Alliances (1999)

Cross-Border Merger Control: Challenges for Developing and Emerging Economies (2011)

Definition of Transaction for the Purpose of Merger Control Review (2013)

Dynamic Efficiencies in Merger Analysis (2007)

Impact Evaluation of Merger Decisions (2011)

Investigations of Consummated and Non-notifiable Mergers (forthcoming)

Economic Evidence in Merger Analysis (2011)

Efficiency Claims in Mergers and Other Horizontal Agreements (1995)

Enhanced Enforcement Co-operation (2014)

Failing Firm Defence  (2009) / Failing Firm Defence (1995)

Jurisdictional nexus in merger control regimes (2016)

Managing Complex Mergers (2007)

Market Definition (2012)

Mergers in Financial Services (2000)

Media Mergers (2003)

Merger Remedies (2003)

Merger Review in Emerging High Innovation Markets (2002)

Oligopoly Markets (2015) / Oligopoly (1999)

Portfolio Effects in Conglomerate Mergers (2001)

Private Remedies (2006)

Public interest considerations in merger control (2016)

Quality in Competition Analysis (Role and Measurement of)  (2013)

Remedies in cross-border merger cases (2013)

Remedies in Merger Cases (2011)

Standard for Merger Review (2009)

Substantive Criteria Used for the Assessment of Mergers (2002)

Vertical Mergers (2007)


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