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Newsletter No.13 - April 2015


  • Workshop on Competition in the Retail Sector
  • Workshop on Practical Aspects of Effective Merger Control

  • News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities
  • Overview of OECD Competition Committee Meetings

This newsletter includes brief reports about the initiatives taking place within the OECD-Korea Policy Centre Competition Programme. It includes overviews of meetings held by the OECD in Paris and provides an opportunity for participating economies from the Asia-Pacific region to exchange their latest experiences on competition law and policy issues.


News, case studies and articles from Asian-Pacific competition authorities are welcome. If you have material that you wish to be considered for publication in this newsletter, please contact

Previous issues


Issue 12 - November 2014

In this issue: Workshop for Judges on Evidence in Cartel Proceedings, Workshop for ASEAN Member States on Cartel Fundamentals, Workshop on Merger Review Procedures and Joint Ventures, Workshop on Evidentiary Issues in Establishing Abuse of Dominance, News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, OECD Competition Committee Meetings.


Issue 11 - April 2014

In this issue: 10th Anniversary Celebration and Workshop on International Co-operation in Cross-Border Competition Cases (Seoul) News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, Summaries of OECD Competition Meetings from October 2013 and February 2014 (Competition and productivity, Waste management services, Remedies in cross-border mergers, Ex-officio cartel investigation, Food chain industry, Evaluation of competitive effects in government interventions, inancial consumer protection, Investigation of consummated non-notifiable mergers, Fighting corruption and promoting competition, Distribution of pharmaceuticals, Peer review of Romania), Workshop on Complex Mergers (Busan), Competition Law Workshop for Judges (Gyeongju).



Issue 10 - December 2013

In this issue: News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, OECD Competition Committee Meetings (Rail transportation services, Definition of Transaction of Merger Control Review, Role and Measurement of Quality in Competition Analysis, Road Fuel),  Kuala Lumpur Workshop on Fighting Bid Rigging, and Workshop on Use of Indirect Evidence in Cartel Investigations.


Issue 9 - June 2013

In this issue: News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, OECD Competition Committee Meetings (Local and Regional Transportation, Competition Assessment Recommendation, Impact Assessment of CAs activities, Vertical Restraints, Poverty Reduction and TV & Broadcasting), Seoul Workshop on Practice and Procedure in Competition Cases and Jeju Workshop on Intellectual Property and Competition Law.


Issue 8 - January 2013

In this issueNews from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, August 2012 OECD/KPC and ASEAN Joint Workshop on Bringing Competition into Regulated Sectors, October 2012 OECD Competition Committee Meetings (Ex-post evaluation of competition interventions, Leniency for Subsequent Applicants, Payment Systems, International Co-operation, Finacial Markets, Efficiency Claims), October 2012 Workshop on Competition Issues in the Aviation Sector, November 2012 Workshop for Judges, 2013 OECD/ Korea Policy Centre Competition Programme Workshops.



Issue 7 - October 2012

In this issueNews from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, 2012 May Workshop on Merger Analysis and the Implementation of Remedies, June OECD Committee Meetings, 2012 June Workshop on Vertical Restraints.


Issue 6 - June 2012

In this issue: News from Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities, 2011 December Busan Workshop on Abuse of Dominance Fundamentals, OECD Competition Committee Meetings (Digital Economy, Competition in Hospital Services, Unilateral Disclosure of Information with Anticompetitive Effects), 2012 OECD Global Forum on Competition (Commodity Price Volatility, Improving International Co-operation in Cartel Investigations, State Owned Enterprises and the Principle of Competitive Neutrality), 2012 March Workshop on Rewarding Co-operation in Cartel Investigations.



Issue 5 - Novermber 2011

In this issue: Summary of the Centre's events (Competition Assessment and Advocacy, Legitimate Business Practices or Cartel in Disguise, Workshop for Judges). Summary of the OECD's Competition Committee June and October 2011 meetings (Ports and Port Services, Merger Remedies & Conditional Merger Approvals, Network Neutrality, “De Minimis” Rules in Competition Cases, Promoting Compliance with Competition Law, Impact Evaluation of Merger Decisions, Excessive Pricing, Procedural Fairness, Digitial Economy). Country updates by Korea, Japan and Chinese Taipei.


Issue 4 - June 2011

In this issue: Report on the centre's events (Abuse of Market Dominance and experience from India; Merger fundamentals and experiences from Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam; Competition in Telecommunications and Experiences from India, Indonesia Singapore and Pakistan).


Issue 3 - March 2011

In this issue: 2011 Asia Competition Programme. Reports on centre's events (Investigation Techniques, Drug Manufacturing and Supply Cartel Uncovered, Update of Competition Law in Mongolia, Anticompetitive Conduct Alleged in Media publishing in Thailand). Summary of OECD’s Competition Committee February 2011 meetings (Quantification of Harm and Anti-competitive Conduct, Economic Evidence in Merger Cases, Regulated Conduct Defence). 2011 OECD Global Forum on Competition (Cross-Border Merger Control: Challenges for Developing and Emerging Economies, Crisis Cartels). Country updates by Pakistan, Korea and Mongolia.



Issue 2 - November 2010

In this issue: Report on the Centre's events on Abuse of Dominance and Competition in the Banking Industry. Summary of OECD’s Competition Committee October 2010 meetings held in Paris (Information Sharing between Competitors, Green Growth, Arbitration and Competition Law, Structural Reform in Electricity and Railways, Update on Indonesian Competition Law). Case studies by Singapore, Chinese Taipei and Pakistan. Country updates by Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.


Issue 1 - July 2010

In this issue: Summaries of regional anti-trust Work-shops (Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers, Merger Remedies, Cartel Enforcement). OECD Competition June 2010 Meetings (Standard Setting and Competition Policy, Procedural Fairness: Transparency Issues in Civil and Administrative Proceedings, Credit Rating Agencies, Structural Separation in Telecommunications and Gas, Public Procurement and Bid Rigging Issues, Exit Strategies, Competition and Professional Sports). Case studies by Chinese Taipei, Indonesia and Singapore. 



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