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Published regularly, this newsletter reports on the activities of the OECD/GVH Regional Centre for Competition. It provides information about recent cases and developments in the participating economies in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. News, case studies and articles from this region are welcome. If you have material that you wish to be considered for publication, please contact Sabine Zigelski ( and Andrea Dalmay (

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 Issue 10 - January 2018

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This issue reports on the centre's activities held from July to December 2017, presents the 2018 programme and summarises the OECD meetings held in December 2017.

It also includes a variety of articles on remedies in abuse of dominance cases as detailed below.



Meeting Reports

  • Update on the second semester of activities held by the centre [See also: Calendar of Activities]

  • OECD December 2018 Competition Meetings  - Topics included: Financial Crisis, Extraterritorial Reach of Remedies, Safe Harbours, Common-ownership, Competition and Democracy, Judicial Perspectives in Competition Law and Challenges faced by Small and Developing Agencies [More at our roundtables page]


  • Antitrust Remedies: What do we try to achieve, and how? (EU)

  • Smart Remedies in Abuse of Dominance Cases (Brazil)

  • Mobile Phones Dominating not only Our Lives, but also Competition! (Albania)

  • Consumers First: the Latest Copyright Related Case of the Hungarian Competition Authority (Hungary)

  • Remedies Issued by the Turkish Competition Authority in Abuse of Dominance Cases (Turkey)
  • Literature Digest - Selection of interesting articles by OECD Pedro Caro de Sousa

Previous issues

Issue 9 - July 2017 English  | Русский (pdf) 

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC centre's activities (including several seminars and judge trainings) [See also: Calendar of Activities], Report on the OECD June 2017 Competition Meetings [Topics included: Innovation in the electricity sector, Methodologies for conducting market studies, Aftermarkets, Rethinking the use of traditional tools in multi-sided markets, Algorithms and collusion [See also: Roundtables page]. 

Other articles: Requests for Information – Facilitating Exchange and Co-operation Between the OECD-GVH Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest’s Beneficiaries by OECD Sabine Zigeslki, Barking Up the Right Tree: Selecting and Prioritising Sectors for Market Studies by OECD James Mancini, Methodology for Conducting Market Studies by the Spanish Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), Specific Features of Digital Product Market Analysis by FAS Russia, Experience of the Hungarian Competition Authority Relating to Market Studies by the Hungarian Competition Authority, Passenger Air Transportation Market of Georgia, Literature Digest - Selection of interesting articles by OECD Pedro Caro de Sousa.

Issue 8 - January 2017  English  | Русский  (pdf) 

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC centre's activities (including several seminars and judge trainings) [See also: Calendar of Activities], Report on the OECD November 2016 Competition Meetings [Topics included: Innovation in land transport, Competition assessment: using empirical evidence, Geographic market definition, Agency decision making in merger cases, Big data, Price Discrimination, Review of policy recommendations to Ukraine by OECD and other International Organisations [See also: Roundtables page]. Report on the Dec 2016 OECD Global Forum on Competition [Topics: Promoting competition; Promoting human rights, The role of market studies as a tool to promote competition, Independence of competition authorities, Sanctions in antitrust cases].  

Other articles: Whistle-blower Hotline (BKMS system) by Germany, Cartel detection and the smart use of procurement data for this purpose in Hungary, Traditional and innovative methods for the detection of cartels in public procurement and tenders as practiced in Russia, Proactive screening by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), The Aggregate Index of Competitive Pressure by the Romanian Competition Council, CADE’s Experience on the Development of Economic Filters for Detecting Cartels (Brazil), Influence of Market Information Systems on Competition: Experience of Ukraine

Issue 7 - July 2016  English  | Русский  (pdf) 

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC centre's activities (including several seminars and judge trainings) [See also: Calendar of Activities], OECD June 2016 Competition Meetings  - Topics included: Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services, Public Interest Considerations in Merger Control, Jurisdictional Thresholds and Local Nexus in Merger Control, Fidelity rebates and Commitment Decisions in Antitrust Cases [See also: Roundtables page]. Other articles: Basic Building Blocks of Competition Policy Support Competitiveness in South East Europe, A Tried and Tested Way of Informal Co-operation Among Competition Authorities, Antimonopoly Regulation of Vertical Agreements in Russian Legislation, Dawn raids: Experience of the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition, Fostering Interaction: Competition Creates More Efficient Public Procurement Markets, The Correlation of Bid Rigging and Corruption in Public Procurement Tenders in Hungarian Competition Law Practice.

Issue 6 - January 2016      English  | Русский  (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities and 2016 programme presentation; Summary of OECD competition meetings held in October 2015 and Global Forum on Competition [Topics included: Cross platform parity agreements, Disruptive innovation in financial markets, Cartels involving intermediate goods, Does competition kill or create jobs? The links and drivers between competition and employement, The impact of disruptive innovations on competition law enforcement, Serial offenders: Why do some industries seem prone to endemic collusion?]; Articles: Nordic Competition Authorities and co-operation; Sofia Competition Forum – a response to the need for closer co-operation between competition authorities in the Balkan region; the role of competition authorities in the economic recovery; experience is the teacher of all things Improving enforcement decisions through ex-post evaluation; foreclosure effects of a parallel network of contracts The case of the Hungarian beer market; FAS Russia authorised to regulate tariffs; and State Aid Register of the Republic of Moldova.


Issue 5 - July 2015      English  | Русский  (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; Summary of OECD competition meetings held in June 2015;  10th Anniversary of the RCC; An Introduction to the OECD Toolkit; Competition Assessment of Laws and Regulations in Greece; Overview of the Hungarian Competition Advocacy Regime; Approaches to Demonstrating that a Competition Agency is Good Value for Money and Promoting Pro-Competitive Reforms that Foster Growth and Reduce Inequality.


Issue 4 - February 2015      English  | Русский  (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; Summary of OECD competition meetings held in June and October 2014; Behavioural Merger Remedies and Small Economies; Aspects of Commitment Decision Policy in Antitrust in Croatian; GVH Accepts MOL’s Proposal on Diesel Pricing;
Structural and Behavioural Commitments in Merger and Antitrust Proceedings.


Issue 3 - June 2014      English  | Русский  (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; OECD work on International Co-operation; OECD Review of Competition Law and Policy in Romania; New Developments Concerning Buyer Power - A Common European Approach towards Unfair Trading Practices Legislation?; Application of the Leniency Institute in the Republic of Serbia; Main Features of Antimonopoly Regulation; Control in the Electricity Sector in the Russian Federation.


Issue 2 - February 2014      English | Русский (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; Competition and Quality; Cartel Detection Methods in Hungary; Pay-For-Delay Deals; Serbian Law on Protection of Competition; Leniency Programme for Participation in Anticompetitive concerted actions in Ukraine; Monitoring in the Banking Sector in Kosovo; Competition Law and Policy in Montenegro.


Issue 1 - September 2013      EnglishРусский (pdf)

In this issue: OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; National Health Insurance Fund Act Restricts Competition in the Retail Market of Reimbursable Drugs in Bulgaria; Croatian Competition Enforcement Challenges; The Development of the Leniency Programme in Hungary; Antitrust Regulation in the Field of Intellectual Property.


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