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Task Force meeting on Corporate Governance of Banks in the MENA, 11 October 2009, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


How have the financial crisis impacted the performance of banks in the Middle East and North Africa?

What are the  lessons learned for corporate governance of MENA banks?

To what extent are the lessons learned for governance of banking institutions in OECD member countries relevant to MENA banks?


These were all the questions discussed during the Task Force on Corporate Governance of Banks in the MENA region established in 2007. The Task Force is composed of banking sector regulators, banking associations, individual banking institutions and other experts in this area.


The Task Force gathered to discuss a revised version of the Policy Brief on Improving Corporate Governance of Banks in the Middle East and North Africa region, to be released in its final version on the occasion of the fourth Hawkamah-OECD annual corporate governance conference. In particular, the discussion revolved around the role of boards, risk management practices, and the role of supervisors in improving the corporate governance practices of MENA banks. Regulators from Kuwait, Egypt, Dubai and other countries engaged. A representative of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision also participated in these discussions.

The recommendations provided in the Policy Brief have been amended, taking into account the views and experiences shared by the participants of this regional meeting. For more information, please consult the summary record of the meeting: (link)

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