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  • 14-September-2006


    Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance, Bangkok, Thailand

    The eighth Asian Corporate Governance Roundtable took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 14-15 September 2006. Discussions focused on implementation and enforcement of corporate governance rules, a boardroom guide to the OECD Principles on Corporate Governance and independent non-executive directors.

  • 13-September-2006


    Seminar on Corporate Governance Developments in Thailand

    The meeting on Corporate Governance Developments in Thailand took place at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, in Bangkok, Thailand, on 13 September 2006.

  • 8-July-2006


    OECD work on corporate governance

    The focus of Angel Gurría's address to the annual conference of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) was on the role of institutional investors, the quality of the regulatory framework, and the need to improve corporate governance in state-owned enterprises.

  • 19-June-2006


    OECD - FSI (BIS) Regional Seminar on Corporate Governance for Banks in Asia

    On 19 and 20 June 2006, the OECD and the Financial Stability institute (FSI), Bank for International Settlements (BIS) jointly organised a regional seminar on corporate governance for banks in Asia.

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  • 27-April-2006


    5th Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR), Beijing, China, 27-28 April 2006

    The fifth meeting of FAIR took place on 27-28 April 2006 in Beijing, China. Participants examined the lessons from ten years of institutional and legal reforms of Asian insolvency systems and discussed the relevance of the international guidance to improving insolvency systems.

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  • 21-March-2006


    Credit Risk and Credit Access in Asia

    The sheer volume of debt hanging over Asian companies suggests that corporate insolvency should remain a top policy concern. This conference proceedings presents reports from each country on the trends and developments in debt and credit risk since the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis. It also includes overview papers that examine the problem in a wider context. These papers suggest that risk management practices, legal systems,

  • 20-March-2006


    Meeting on resolution of corporate governance related disputes -- Exploratory Meeting, Stockholm, March 2006

    This exploratory meeting focused on corporate governance related disputes between shareholders and other corporate bodies and stakeholders. Issues discussed included the spectrum of judicial redress possibilities, the categories of disputes and the qualities of the dispute resolution mechanism sought for in case of corporate governance related disputes.

  • 20-March-2006


    Alternative Dispute Resolution and Corporate Governance

    The OECD has initiated an arbitration of company law disputes (ACLD) programme to generate policy dialogue on the role of ACLD in corporate governance; develop a global comparative understanding of how various OECD member and non-member states approach ACLD; and develop and disseminate practical guidelines and other documentation on using ACLD to protect shareholders' rights.

  • 17-February-2006


    Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies in Emerging Markets

    This publication provides policy makers, board members, managers, equity providers, creditors and other stakeholders an overview of the issues to be addressed in establishing good corporate governance of non-listed companies.

  • 16-décembre-2005


    Gouvernement d'entreprise : panorama des pays de l'OCDE

    Ce rapport expose les lignes directrices de l'OCDE sur le gouvernement des entreprises publiques des pays membres en comparant les grandes caractéristiques de chaque système national. Par ailleurs, il analyse la part de ces entreprises dans les pays de l'OCDE, la fonction de dirigeant d'entreprise, les rapports avec les parties prenantes autres que l'État, le rôle des parties prenantes dans le gouvernement d'entreprise, la

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