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Task Force on Tax and Development: Second Plenary Meeting


The Second Plenary Meeting of the Task Force on Tax and Development took place on 11-12 April 2011 at the OECD headquarters in Paris, France.


  Meeting Documents


• Background paper on the Task Force with details of stakeholders & timelines for meetings in 2011/12 (PDF, 87KB)

• Statebuilding and Aid Position Paper (PDF, 70KB)


• Transfer Pricing Sub Group Objectives (PDF, 132KB)

• Elements of a Possible Work Programme on Exchange of Information  (PDF, 100KB)


• Preparatory Note on Transparency in Financial Reporting  (PDF, 298KB)

• Progress Report on Transparency in Financial Reporting (PDF, 109KB)


• Comments received from the members of the Sub Group on Transparency in Reporting Financial Data by Multinational Corporations to the “Progress Report and Key Proposals for a Work Programme" (PDF, 62KB)


  Meeting Presentations


Session 2

• Southern Sudan Experience: The revenue challenges ahead and the role of international support; Southern Soudan (PDF, 377KB)
• Success factors in the recent reforms, including coordinated external support; El Salvador (PDF, 1433KB)


Session 3

• Tax and Development Perspective in post-confilct and fragile states; Sierra Leone (PDF, 590KB)
• Benchmarking and Diagnostics for Developing Country Tax Administrations; International Tax Dialogue (PDF, 914KB)
• Perspectives on Tax Literacy/Education in the Governance/Statebuilding Context; Tax Justice Network - Africa (PDF, 142KB)


Session 4

• Challenges and approaches to transfer pricing; Venezuela (PDF, 665KB)
• Challenges and approaches to transfer pricing; Colombia (PDF, 429KB)
• Developing country priorities; African Tax Administration Forum (PDF, 476KB)
• United Nations work on transfer pricing and perspectives on promoting multilateral co-operation in this area; United Nations (PDF, 120KB)
• European Commission study on Transfer Pricing and Developing Countries; European Commission (PDF, 196KB)


Session 5

• Progress to Date on Engaging Developing Countries; Global Forum (PDF, 745KB)
• Development and Exchange of Information; Jamaica (PDF, 69KB)
• Development and Exchange of Information; Senegal (PDF, 377KB)


Session 6

• Developing country perspectives on transparency; Liberia (PDF, 752KB)
• The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (PDF, 1621KB)
• Benefits of public disclosure; Christian Aid (PDF, 60KB)
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of current transparency initiatives? BIAC (Rio Tinto) (PDF, 29KB)


Session 7

• The G20's Domestic Resource Mobilisation Pillar; France (PDF, 115KB)


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