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  • 3-February-2006

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    Proposals for Improving Mechanisms for the Resolution of Tax Treaty Disputes

    In July 2004, the OECD Committee on Fiscal Affairs released a progress report on its work on improving the resolution of cross-border tax disputes. The report, entitled “Improving the Process for Resolving International Tax Disputes ” included various proposals aimed at improving the way that tax treaty disputes are resolved through the mutual agreement procedure (“MAP”). A number of these proposals referred to future work to be

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  • 18-January-2005


    US Business engages OECD on international tax issues

    An information note concerning the International Tax Conference, organised in Washington on 13-14 January 2005 to discuss international tax issues and related OECD initiatives.

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  • 29-avril-2003


    L'OCDE lance un projet sur l'amélioration de la résolution des différends en matière de fiscalité internationale

    Avec l'augmentation des échanges et des investissements internationaux, le risque de différends en matière de fiscalité internationale augmente nécessairement également. Si on les laisse non résolus, ces différends peuvent entraîner ...

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  • 7-February-2007


    Manual on Effective Mutual Agreement Procedures (MEMAP)

    The online Manual on Effective Mutual Agreement Procedures (MEMAP) makes available, to both tax administrators and taxpayers, basic information and best practices regarding the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP).

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