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Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean 2019

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Published on September 06, 2019

This report compiles comparable tax revenue statistics over the period 1990-2017 for 25 Latin American and Caribbean economies. Based on the OECD Revenue Statistics database, it applies the OECD methodology to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to enable comparison of tax levels and tax structures on a consistent basis, both among the economies of the region and with other economies. This publication is jointly undertaken by the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, the OECD Development Centre, the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Inter-American Development Bank. The 2019 edition is the first to be produced with the support of the EU Regional Facility for Development in Transition for Latin America and the Caribbean, which results from joint work led by the European Union, the OECD and its Development Centre, and ECLAC.


Executive summary
Tax revenue trends, 1990-2017
Special feature: Fiscal revenues from non-renewable natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean
Special feature: Property taxation in Latin America
Tax levels and Tax structures, 1990-2017
Country tables, 1990-2017 – Tax revenues
Tax revenues by sub-sectors of general government
The OECD classification of taxes and interpretative guide
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An overview of the main taxation trends from 1990 to 2017 in 25 Latin American and Caribbean economies, including Guyana for the first time.

Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the CaribbeanEstadísticas tributarias en América Latina y el Caribe

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Global Revenue Statistics Database infographic

The Global Revenue Statistics Database

The Global Revenue Statistics Database provides detailed comparable tax revenue data for African, Asian and Pacific, Latin American and the Caribbean and OECD countries from 1990 onwards. The database provides the largest source of comparable tax revenue data, which are produced in partnership with participating countries and regional partners. 

The following documents are also available:

  • A technical paper on the construction of the database: its coverage, sources, strengths and limitations.
  • A high level overview of the features of the Global Revenue Statistics Database with key findings on the tax-to-GDP ratios and tax structures.
  • A more in-depth analysis of the data reporting on Domestic revenue mobilisation: A new database on tax levels and structures in 80 countries (Taxation Working Paper)


global revenue statistics database spanish

actualización para el 2019 (por publicarse)

La base de datos global de estadísticas tributarias

La base de datos global de estadísticas tributarias completa proporciona datos comparables en materia de recaudación fiscal de países de África, Asia, América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) y de la OCDE, desde 1990 en adelante. La base de datos representa la mayor fuente de datos estadísticos comparables sobre ingresos fiscales, producida en colaboración con los países y los socios regionales.

Los siguientes documentos también están disponibles

  • Leer el documento técnico sobre la creación de la base de datos: su alcance, fuentes, fortalezas y limitaciones.
  • Visión global de alto nivel - actualización para el 2019 (por publicarse) - sobre las características de la base de datos global de estadísticas tributarias y de los principales hallazgos relativos a los recaudos tributarios como proporción del PIB y a la estructura impositiva.
  • Un análisis más profundo sobre los datos proporcionados sobre la movilización de la financiación interna: una nueva base de datos sobre la recaudación tributaria y la estructura impositiva en 80 países (documento de trabajo sobre tributación).