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Global relations calendar of events 2016


Each year, the Global Relations Programme (GRP) holds around 60 events on a variety of international tax policy and administration topics bringing together some 2000 serving tax officials from over 100 countries in 20+ venues globally.  Our goal is to help tax officials take part in an international community to share their experiences, acquire a common understanding of international tax systems and their implementation and develop solutions to common problems. Approximately 40 000 tax officials have participated in the Programme since 1992. Many of these events are delivered in partnership with regional and international tax organisations including ATAF, CIAT, CREDAF, IOTA, and SGATAR.  




On 7 January 2016, we provided a live presentation of the OECD's Global Relations Programme (KSP), its structure, challenges and strategy. Together with the Canada Revenue Agency, we presented our new Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP -, an online tool which will offer a more structured platform for sharing of tax knowledge and improve the delivery of our events. Please note that the KSP is open only to tax officials that work for a tax administration or an international tax organisation.

 On 13 July 2016 we provided a second live presentation on the GRP and the KSP. For technical reasons, the live transmission is not available. However, you can download the PowerPoint presentations: the Global Relations Programme and BEPS Update and Present and Future of the KSP.


To participate in one of the events in the calendar below, please contact your country representative and for any other questions please contact us:



N.B. Although every effort is made to maintain the dates for events, factors outside our control mean dates are sometimes subject to change → please verify with the Global Relations Team at prior to making any travel arrangements.

The vast majority of events are multilateral, but some are bilateral. Please request more information at the same email address.

* Events held in Ankara, Turkey are held in English with Turkish and Russian interpretation. The events held in Mexico are held in English with Spanish interpretation. The events held in China are held in English with Chinese interpretation.






2-5 SMEs tax Services Providers (with IOTA) Hungary MTC
15-19 BEPS: Documentation Prix de Transfert, évaluation des risques
et régimes de protection (co-organisé avec le CREDAF
22-26 Transfer Pricing - Extractive Industries Malaysia



Income Tax Workshop Korea MTC


14-17 Tax and Crime Turkey* MTC
14-18 Evaluation and Analysis of Tax Policy China MTC
14-18 Tax Treaty issues in the BEPS Context Malaysia


4-8 Tax Administration - Risk management Indonesia
25-29 Auditing MNES for BEPS. A case study Malaysia
25-29 Tax Treaty issues in the BEPS context Mexico MTC/ES



International Tax Avoidance - Focus on Hybrids and Interests Korea MTC


17-19 Implementing BEPS Kazakhstan
24-26 Exchange of Information Korea-Jeju Island
30-3 Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals Turkey MTC
30-3   Joint UN-OECD event on Treaty Negotiations Austria MTC



BEPS and Transfer Pricing Guidelines Indonesia


VAT/Sales Tax Kazakhstan


21-23 Taxing Wages and Corporate Effective Tax Rate modelling Tunisia
20-24 Tax Treaties - Special issues Korea MTC
20-24 Effective and Efficient use of Tax Incentives Mexico MTC/ES



Tax Treaty issues in the BEPS context China MTC


4-8 Effective and Efficient Use of Tax Incentives Korea MTC
4-8 Transfer Pricing Nagpur, India
11-22 Tax Administration of Outbound Investment - bilateral event Austria MTC



International Tax Avoidance and BEPS China MTC


22-26 Advanced Tax Treaties  India



Tax Administration of Outbound Investment China MTC 


5-9 Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country by Country Reporting Turkey MTC
5-9 Tax Administration - Compliance by Design Hungary MTC
5-8 Transfer Pricing and BEPS Implementation (with SGATAR) Singapore
19-23 Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation Turkey MTC
21-22 Improving tax administration and compliance for small and medium size enterprises Belarus
20-22 Exchange of Information and CRS Kazakhstan
22-23 Implementing BEPS Montevideo, Uruguay
26-30 Tax Treaties - Treaty Application Malaysia



Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country by Country Reporting Mexico MTC /ES


LAC Tax Policy Forum Argentina


3-5 Tax Treaties - Special issues Japan
3-10 Workshop on Risk Strategies (joint OECD-CATA-CIAT) Guyana
10-14 Tax Administration of SMEs Korea MTC
10-14 Tax Treaties Special issues Indonesia
17-21 Using the MAC to counter BEPS China MTC
24-28 TP Dispute resolution Malaysia
31-4 Tax and Crime China MTC


7-11 Advanced Auditing Multinational Enterprises Slovenia - CEF
14-18 Tax Treaty issues in the BEPS context Turkey MTC
15-18 Assistance in Tax Collection  Japan
21-25 Tax adminstration - Compliance by design Malaysia
21-25 International VAT/GST Guidelines China MTC


Taxation and the Oil Industry, TP and other Tax Risks Mexico MTC /ES


International Tax Avoidance - Focus on Hybrids and Interests Turkey MTC


5-9 Transfer Pricing Documentation and country-by-country reporting (with SGATAR) Korea MTC

19-21 Tax Treaties Special Issues UAE


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