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  • 8-October-2012


    Measuring the potential of local green growth: An analysis of Greater Copenhagen

    Secretary-General Angel Gurría addresses the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and others to discuss highlights of the forthcoming OECD report on local green growth, as part of our efforts to develop more effective tools for measuring cities’ progress and monitoring the impact of green policies.

  • 21-June-2012


    Global Dialogue on Sustainability and Inclusion

    Despite important achievements, sustainable development is still a challenge, not a reality. In moving forward, we need to ensure that our policies have a stronger focus on sustainability and inclusion, in particular in developing countries, even more than elsewhere, said OECD Secretary-General at Rio+20.

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  • 6-June-2012


    Mekorot, the National Water Company of Israel

    Today, management of water resources is one of the major challenges confronting Israel. Accelerated population growth - along with economic growth - has placed additional pressure on Israel's limited water resources but the country is at the forefront of green innovations for water management.&l

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  • 22-May-2012


    G20 Green Growth Seminar

    The costs and consequences of inaction would be colossal, in economic, environmental and human terms. The truth is that changing our model of growth and making it greener and more inclusive is the only credible strategy that we have.

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  • 29-March-2012


    Making Green Growth Deliver

    We have passed the limits of our planet’s capacity to support us. It’s time for a big shift, to further advance our understanding on green growth and sustainable development, to share policy experiences and to foster a new environmental consensus, said the OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 13-March-2012


    "Water: Meeting the Reform Challenge"

    The publication "Water: Meeting the Reform Challenge" is a call for action and a guide to getting the basics of water policy right. Sustainable financing, solid governance, and policy coherence: those are the key pillars, the building blocks for successful water reform.

  • 12-March-2012


    “The Green Growth Challenge: No Nature, No Water, No Growth”

    Water is one of the world’s most precious resources. And today, cities, farmers, industries, energy suppliers, and ecosystems are increasingly competing for their daily water needs. As a result, the costs of inadequate water management are becoming higher and higher. And not just financially – but also in terms of lost opportunities, compromised health and environmental damage.

  • 22-février-2012


    Nouvelle donne géopolitique et économique mondiale : l'alimentation et la production au cœur des équilibres

    Pour nourrir la population de la planète en 2050, nous devons accroître les disponibilités alimentaires de 70 à 100 %. Le moment est venu de nous tourner vers des politiques qui soutiennent l’innovation, la productivité et la durabilité et qui apportent aux agriculteurs les compétences dont ils ont besoin pour saisir les opportunités qu’offrent une demande forte et des prix élevés.

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  • 11-January-2012


    Discurso Inaugural de la Conferencia de la Plataforma de Conocimientos sobre el Crecimiento Verde (GGKP)

    Crecimiento y medio ambiente no sólo pueden ir de la mano, tienen que ir de la mano. El crecimiento verde no sólo es impostergable, también puede ser nuestra salvación económica.

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  • 4-October-2011


    Launch of the OECD Inventory of Estimated Budgetary Support and Tax Expenditures Relating to Fossil Fuels

    This Inventory provides reliable and comparable data on support or tax expenditures for fossil fuel production or use in OECD countries. Reforming fossil fuel subsidies can contribute to achieving economic and fiscal objectives, while also tackling environmental problems like climate change.

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