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OECD Green Growth Newsletter Issue Two: October 2010



The OECD Green Growth newsletter will keep OECD Committees and other groups participating in the Green Growth Strategy informed about the OECD’s green growth activities.


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What green growth policies should governments implement?


The OECD Green Growth Strategy will deliver policy recommendations to Ministers in May 2011. To ensure that the policies are relevant to countries' needs, we encourage you to give us your feedback on the outline of the Synthesis Report before 20 October 2010.


Please see the user manual for a quick guide to posting feedback on the International Green Growth Dialogue site. If you have any access problems, please contact Catherine Jeffcoat, .


Also being discussed on the International Green Growth Dialogue site


What green growth initiatives are being implemented in your country?


Thank you to Mathieu Remond of the UK Delegation to the OECD for posting a recent speech given by the UK Foreign Secretary, in which he sets out why tackling climate change is central to their security and prosperity agenda, and highlights the key role that diplomacy can play:


“The core assets of foreign policy are its networks and its convening power. Foreign policy can build political impulses to overcome barriers between sectors and cultures. In a networked world, diplomacy builds partnerships beyond government. Nowhere are those partnerships more vital than on climate.”


The Green Growth Strategy team has received several enquiries from member countries asking what green growth strategies are being implemented by other countries. The International Green Growth Dialogue is a place to share your knowledge and experience. We encourage you to post documents showing what green growth initiatives your country is considering or implementing.

Announcing consultation workshop in February 2011

To ensure that green growth policy recommendations are relevant to countries’ needs, the OECD is organising a consultation to review the first draft of the Synthesis Report on 10-11 February 2011. Delegates from key Committees will be invited from member and partner countries, along with international organisations, business, and civil society groups.


Invitations will be issued in November. To register your interest, please email Space will be limited.

They’re talking about green growth


Read the latest OECD Insights blogs on green growth:


Biodiversity: what’s it worth to you? – about the new OECD publication, Paying for Biodiversity.


Sleek, polished and sexy – about developments in consumption.


Focus on taxation and innovation

Achieving economic growth while addressing the world’s environmental problems will be difficult using only today’s technologies. Innovation – the creation and adoption of new technologies and know-how – provides a means to achieve local and global environmental goals at significantly lower costs. Innovation is also a major driver of economic growth.


OECD governments are increasingly using environmentally related taxes because they are typically one of the most effective policy tools available.


Exploring the relationship between environmentally related taxation and innovation is critical to understanding the full impacts of this policy instrument. By putting a price on pollution, do environmentally related taxes spur innovation? What types of innovation result? Does the design of the tax play a critical role? What is the effect of this innovation?


The OECD has just published Taxation, Innovation and the Environment, which draws on case studies that cover Japan, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Israel and others to address the questions above. The report also explores the use of environmentally related taxes in OECD countries and outlines considerations for policymakers when implementing these taxes. The results from this publication will contribute to the Green Growth Strategy.


On 8 November, Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General will give a keynote speech at the Global Green Growth 2010 conference in Copenhagen: How can policies shape economic incentives to promote green innovation and growth?


The publication will be presented at the 11th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation , 3-5 November, Bangkok, Thailand, where Nils Axel Braathen of the Environment Directorate will also give a speech on carbon-related taxation in OECD countries and interactions between cap-and trade systems and other policy instruments, and Jens Lundsgaard of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration will speak about fossil fuel subsidies and tax expenditures.


More information:
>> Green growth and taxation

Recent events


Developing countries potentially have more to gain from green growth


Pier Carlo Padouan, Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Economist, participated in a panel on Green Growth and Development at the IMF/World Bank 2010 in Washington on 7 October 2010. In his remarks, he noted that “Developing countries have a relatively larger share of their economies directly dependent on natural resources and are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Sound management of natural resources offers considerable economic opportunities, while adaptation to the impacts of climate change will be critical for development. For example, recent studies show that low-carbon growth can bring a range of development co-benefits (opportunities for development). In the energy sector, for instance, improved energy efficiency and use of modern renewable energy can reduce air pollution, improve access to energy, and enhance national energy security."
>> Read the key points from his discussion


Much more needs to be done for energy technology


IEA Executive Director, Nobuo Tanaka provided a key note address at the Green Growth Economies Seminar in Copenhagen on Wednesday 29 September. Mr Tanaka presented key findings from Energy Technology Perspectives 2010. See presentation.

Recent publications


12/10/2010 - Taxation, Innovation and the Environment


04/10/2010 - Paying for Biodiversity: Enhancing the Cost-Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services


24/09/2010 - Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda: Workshop Proceedings (pictured)


21/09/2010 - OECD Economic Surveys: United States 2010 (Special feature on Climate Change)


>> Further reading

October/November key events

  • 14-15 October: OECD Global Forum on Trade , Chengdu, People’s Republic of China.
  • 18-29 October: UN Convention on Biological Diversity, COP-10 Nagoya, Japan. Recent OECD work on the economics and policy of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use will be presented at an OECD side event.
  • 18-19 October: Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development Experts (AMSDE), Paris.
  • 18-20 October: Low Carbon Growth, Climate Change Finance and Aid Effectiveness, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 21-22 October: Long-term Scenarios: Supporting Robust Policies for Global Agriculture and Food, workshop organised by the Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Paris.
  • 25 October: Green Technology and Innovation , workshop organised by the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, Paris.
  • 25-27 October: Sustainable Materials Management , OECD Global Forum on Environment, Mechelen, Belgium.
  • 28 October: Evaluating Green Growth Policies and Sharing Experience - OECD Green Growth Strategy from the Perspectives of Developing Countries, Seoul, Korea.
  • 28-29 October: OECD Conference: Regulatory Policy at the Crossroads: Towards a New Policy Agenda , Paris.
  • 01-03 November: Crop World 2010 , congress on the business, science, trade & technology of sustainable global crop production, with participation of the OECD. London, United Kingdom.
  • 02-03 November: China Overseas Investment Fair , with the participation of Deputy Secretary-General Mario Amano, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.
  • 03-05 November: 11th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation , Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 08 November: Global Green Growth 2010 , conference organised by the Climate Consortium Denmark, with keynote speech by the OECD Secretary-General. Copenhagen, Denmark.


For more information, see the events calendar on the International Green Growth Dialogue.

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