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OECD Green Growth Newsletter Issue Five: March 2011




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Second round of consultation now open


Following the Green Growth Strategy Workshop, and the comments provided by countries and other stakeholders, the draft reports have now been revised and are available for comment on the International Green Growth Dialogue site. This is the last opportunity for comment before the reports are delivered to the Ministerial Council Meeting on 25-26 May 2011. Documents available:


  • The second draft of the Synthesis Report (C(2011)29/REV1)
  • Annex 1: Tools for Delivering on Green Growth (C(2011)29/REV1/ANN1)
  • Annex 2: Annex 2: Draft Statement by the Governments Participating in the Freedom of Investment Roundtable Hosted by the OECD (C(2011)29/REV1/ANN2)
  • The second draft of Monitoring Progress Towards Green Growth: OECD Indicators (C(2011)30/REV1) (available shortly)


Comments close on 14 April. Please note that the official channel for comments from Delegations is the Synthesis Report site, part of the Council Extranet. If you do not have access, please contact

Green Growth Strategy Workshop

The recent Green Growth Strategy Workshop held on 10-11 February 2011 at OECD Headquarters was successful in obtaining wide-ranging feedback on the Strategy's draft documentation. Over four hundred participants, including officials from member and partner countries, stakeholders and experts from civil society and international organisations, attended the Workshop and provided critical insight to ongoing work on the following documents:


  • Green Growth Strategy Synthesis Report [C(2010)29]
  • Measuring Progress Towards Green Growth: OECD Indicators [C(2011)30]
  • A Green Growth Strategy for Food and Agriculture: Draft Report [COM/TAD/CA/ENV/EPOC(2010)35/REV1]

Thank you to all participants for your active contribution to the development of the Strategy. Read about the main outcomes of the workshop. All documents and presentations from the workshop are available on the International Green Growth Dialogue site.

L-R: Robert Ford, Deputy Director, Economics, Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Simon Upton, Director, Environment at the closing session of the Green Growth Strategy Workshop, 10-11 February 2011.


Focus on greening consumer behaviour

Individual consumers account for more than 60% of final consumption in the OECD area, and can have a major impact on green growth by purchasing products that have desirable environmental properties such as recyclability and energy efficiency, and by modifying their behaviour to support environmental goals. Their motivation to do this depends, among other things, on the financial costs and benefits of making “greener” choices, and having access to high-quality, reliable information about the environmental attributes of products.


Industry, governments and civil society can all contribute to an environment in which consumers are provided with the information and tools needed to make greener purchasing choices, and households are encouraged to take actions that support environmental goals. The recent study, Greening Household Behaviour: The Role of Public Policy (pictured) looks at people’s attitudes and behaviour, with a particular focus on their responses to environmental policies.

Read more about green growth and consumer behaviour.


What’s next for the Strategy


For green growth policies to be successful, they will need to be integrated into governments’ overall economic policies. Work proposed after the Ministerial Council meeting includes developing green growth toolkits to provide countries with guidance on implementing policies. Country reviews already offer opportunities for in-depth analysis of specific green growth policies, and this work will continue. 

Green growth indicators and measurement tools would need to be developed further. New analytical work could be carried out on identifying country-specific policy priorities, as well as on the costs and benefits of various policy instruments. Work on issue-specific and sector-specific studies would also provide more concrete insights of the implications of greening growth in a number of areas such as food and agriculture, the energy sector, water as well as in the specific context of cities and rural areas.

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Recent events


China Green Growth Workshop

A green growth workshop was organised at the OECD on 8-9 March 2011 for Chinese officials and experts, in order to encourage interactive debate on selected green growth topics. Participants included Chinese officials and experts, international experts from Sweden, WBCSD and McKinsey, as well as experts from 11 different OECD Directorates. A Chinese delegation of around 13 people was led by Mr Chaofei YANG, Chief Engineer and Leader of the Ministry of Environment Protection, and Professor Guofang SHEN, Academician and Chief Advisor of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED).

The workshop came under the framework of the Green Economy Task Force of CCICED. The CCICED is chaired by Vice Premier Li Keqiang, and is a high-level international-Chinese advisory body to the Chinese government on strategic policy issues for environment and development in China. As expressed by Mr YANG, also Chinese Task Force Co-Chair, "Green Development is high on the agenda of the 12th Chinese Five Year Plan … We thank the OECD for providing a unique venue for knowledge sharing between the OECD and the Chinese side". The agenda of the workshop is available in both English and Chinese. For more information, please email

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March/April key events


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