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OECD Green Growth Newsletter Issue Eight: July 2011




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Focus on green growth and energy

The energy sector poses a particular challenge for green growth given the scale of change required and the extent to which many countries are locked into polluting and greenhouse gas emitting energy sources.

Fossil fuels will continue to dominate energy supply for some time simply because they are so energy dense, societies and infrastructure have evolved around them, and due to the fact that innovation and change take time.  Nevertheless, new sources of energy need to be deployed on a scale equivalent to the industrial revolution.  According to IEA analysis, without decisive action, energy-related emissions of CO2 will double by 2050.

Green growth and sustainable developmentTowards Green Growth - Monitoring Progress: OECD Indicators (free version)

Towards Green Growth: A summary for policy makers May 2011Tools for Delivering on Green Growth


Clean energy growth enables opportunities for new green industries, jobs and technologies, while managing the structural changes associated with the transition to a green economy.  Energy and transport will be among the earliest drivers of green growth.


Read more about OECD and IEA work on green growth and energy.

Green Growth and Energy: draft report available for comment


In order to provide energy in a manner that addresses environmental and social concerns, governments need to provide predictable, long-term policies that focus on clean and efficient energy systems and technologies, reflecting the long life of most energy technologies and investments. Policies need to incentivise companies to innovate more effectively, and enable investors to embrace new sustainable energy solutions.

This joint OECD/IEA report in the OECD Green Growth Studies series looks at the implications for the energy sector in moving towards a green growth model and the policies to facilitate the transition.

The draft report is now available on the International Green Growth Dialogue site for comments. Countries and stakeholders are invited to submit their comments by 7 September 2011.


New Zealand launches green growth discussion paper

The New Zealand Government have established a Green Growth Advisory Group to explore issues and policy options for greener growth and development in New Zealand. The group has released a discussion document: “Green Growth – Issues for New Zealand”   to stimulate public comment on three topics:

“1. How New Zealand, and in particular government agencies, can help exporters leverage greater value in international markets from our "clean, green" brand.
2. Opportunities for smarter use of existing technologies and innovation, as well as greater development and adoption of new technologies (including clean technologies) in our productive sectors.
3. Options for our small and medium sized businesses to move to a lower carbon economy while sustaining the desired level of productive growth.”


Environment Minister Nick Smith and Acting Minister for Economic Development David Carter said in a statement: "This discussion paper draws on green growth work from the OECD and seeks input on how Government can help businesses transition to a low-carbon economy."  The Advisory Group will present a report to the Government in December 2011.

Has your country launched a similar discussion? We encourage you to share your initiatives on the International Green Growth Dialogue.

Recent events


The “New Directions in Welfare” Congress, held in Paris on 6-8 July, brought together a wide range of experts to discuss the various dimensions of well-being, by putting particular emphasis on employment, social and family policies, people skills and competencies, their health and the quality of the environment in which they live and work.

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In his opening remarks, the OECD Secretary-General said: “In today’s world, welfare has an environmental dimension: progress of well-being is no longer a choice between a growing economy and cleaner planet, it is about both. [The Green Growth Strategy] is first and foremost about implementing change and achieving a common purpose: a world that is safer, cleaner, and healthier.”


Two days earlier, the 2011 East Forum organised by UniCredit in partnership with the OECD, on 4 July in Rome, looked at competitive growth for quality jobs policies, solutions and strategies for development and employment.


In his closing remarks, the OECD Secretary-General said: “Going green in our structural policies is also another way to foster higher rates of growth while taking care of the environment. […] We need wider application of price signals, for example, to reflect the true value of natural resources, the costs of pollution, and provide the right incentives to change behaviour and encourage innovation. At the same time, we need to scale-up green innovation and make it shared and diffused across national borders.”


The countdown to Rio+20 has begun. Pacific Environment and Economic Ministers met in Apia, Samoa on 21-22 July to be informed on the objectives of and preparations for Rio+20 and jointly consider issues that are relevant to the Pacific. OECD staff gave a presentation on fiscal approaches to green growth.

Recent publications



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August / September key events


  • 21-27 August:  World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 22-26 August:  Montréal 2011 Ecocity World Summit, Palais des Congrès de Montréal, Canada

  • 1-3 September: World Bank-OECD-ABDI Conference: Innovation Policies for Inclusive Growth, Brazil

  • 3-5 September:  UN Conference (64th NGO UN DPI Conference) on Rio+20: Sustainable Societies - Responsive Citizens.  Bonn, Germany

  • 5-7 September: FAO-OECD Expert Meeting on Greening the Economy with Agriculture, Paris, France

  • 12-13 September:  Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy, OECD.  Paris, France

  • 19-21 September:  World Resources Forum, Davos, Switzerland

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