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OECD Green Growth Studies: Energy


Green Growth Studies: Energy 

Dec 2011

Number of pages: 97

A fundamental transformation is required in the way we produce, deliver and consume energy. The current energy system is highly dependent on fossil fuels, whose combustion accounted for 84% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2009. Global demand for energy is rapidly increasing, because of population and economic growth, especially in large emerging market economies, which will account for 90% of energy demand growth to 2035. At the same time, 1.3 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity. 


The OECD and IEA have released the joint report Green Growth Studies: Energy, which highlights the challenges facing energy producers and users, and how they can be addressed using green growth policies.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Transforming the energy sector to sustain growth

  • Green growth requires a green engine
  • Addressing systemic risks and imbalances
  • Global energy outlook
  • Implications of continuing current trends

Chapter 2. Promoting the transition to green growth

  • Green growth and energy: What’s at stake
  • Potential trade-offs and adjustment costs
  • Key technologies for green growth and energy
  • A policy framework for greening energy
  • Policies for green growth in specific energy sectors

Chapter 3. Implementing green energy: Reshaping the political economy

  • Political economy – achieving change in different country contexts
  • Structural adjustment
  • Stranded capital
  • Employment effects
  • Distributional effects

Chapter 4. Monitoring progress towards green growth

  • The OECD framework for green growth indicators
  • Energy related green growth indicators

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