• 19-May-2015


    Green growth and countries

    There are now 42 signatories to the OECD Declaration on Green Growth. Lithuania has joined Costa Rica, Colombia, Croatia, Latvia, Morocco, Tunisia, as well as OECD members in having adhered to the declaration. Latest reports are now available on Zambia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Korea.

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  • 30-May-2014


    Database on instruments used for environmental policy

    This database provides information on environmentally related taxes, fees and charges, tradable permit systems, deposit refund systems, environmentally motivated subsidies and voluntary approaches used in environmental policy in OECD member countries and a number of other countries. Developed in co-operation between the OECD and the European Environment Agency.

  • 15-March-2011


    Better Policies to Support Eco-innovation

    This report reviews policies in OECD countries. It studies selected eco-innovations (e.g. carbon capture and storage, electric vehicles and fuel cells) and explains why policies differ in Canada, France, or Germany.

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  • 16-March-2010

    English, , 479kb

    Agricultural Water Pricing: EU and Mexico

    A study of water (irrigation) pricing in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Mexico, a background report to the book Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agriculture (OECD, 2010).

  • 5-septembre-2008

    Français, , 580kb

  • 16-June-2008

    English, , 34kb

    Portuguese websites on agri-environmental issues

    Links to sites from Portugal on agri-environmental issues.

  • 16-June-2008

    Portuguese, , 290kb

    Desempenho ambiental da agricultura na OCDE desde 1990: Secção relativa a cada país - Portugal

    Desempenho ambiental da agricultura na OCDE desde 1990: Secção relativa a cada país - Portugal

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  • 14-février-2008

    Français, , 89kb

    Portugal -- Services à la pêche

    Ce qui suit est l'inventaire nationale du Portugal sur les services à la pêche soumis en 2007.

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  • 11-February-2005

    English, , 78kb

    Portugal fisheries management system

    Information on the administration, legal framework and other aspects of fisheries management in Portugal.