• 23-May-2013


    Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Finland 2013

    Finland’s economy is highly industrialised. Yet with over one-third of its territory located above the Arctic Circle, the country is largely rural and sparsely populated, except for its southern tip. With its energy-intensive industries and its cold climate, Finland’s energy consumption per capita is the highest in the IEA. Finland is highly dependent on imported fossil fuels, and energy policy is at the heart of the government’s

  • 10-February-2011


    OECD Roundtable on Sustainable Growth

    At this roundtable, M. Gurría concluded that the topic of fairness and intergenerational solidarity is an essential part of our responsibility today and will be essential for the creation of a stronger, cleaner, fairer world economy tomorrow.

  • 19-mai-2009


    Faire respecter les normes environnementales : Tendances et bonnes pratiques

    En dépit des progrès accomplis ces dernières années, certains des principaux objectifs environnementaux des pays de l’OCDE ne sont pas en voie d’être atteints. Ces difficultés s’expliquent notamment par un respect insuffisant des obligations réglementaires.

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  • 12-March-2009

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    Workshop in Helsinki - 11 February 2009

    Techniques for assessing economic, social and environmental impacts and integrating sustainability assessments into policy-making and national strategies were discussed at a Finnish workshop on 11 February 2009.

  • 5-septembre-2008

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  • 16-June-2008

    Finnish, , 181kb

    Ympäristön tila oecd- maiden maataloudessa vuodesta 1990: Maaosio: suomi

    Ympäristön tila oecd- maiden maataloudessa vuodesta 1990: Maaosio: suomi

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  • 16-June-2008

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    Finnish websites on agri-environmental issues

    Links to sites from Finland on agri-environmental issues.

  • 13-février-2008

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    Finlande -- services à la pêche

    Ce qui suit est l'inventaire nationale de la Finlande sur les services à la pêche soumis en 2007

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  • 11-February-2005

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    Finland fisheries management system

    Information on the administration, legal framework and other aspects of fisheries management in Finland.