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  • 22-October-2008


    OECD Joint Learning Study on Morocco: Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement

    This report examines the legislative, institutional and procedural elements of the management and control of public procurement in Morocco within the broader framework of “improving the probity of public life”.

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  • 28-April-2008


    OECD Public Management Reviews - Ireland: Towards an Integrated Public Service

    Ireland's economic success story is one that many OECD countries would like to emulate. Of the many factors linked to this success, the public sector’s role is key. This report analyses what the sector has accomplished so far, how it can keep renewing itself, and how it can perpetuate its success.

  • 27-November-2007

    English, , 235kb

    OECD Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service: Report on Implementation

    This report highlights the progress made by OECD countries in managing conflict of interest in the public service and outlines arrangements in place for preventing conflict of interest in post-public employment and improving governance arrangements to ensure transparency in lobbying.

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  • 29-November-2005


    Public Sector Integrity: A Framework for Assessment

    This assessment framework provides policy makers and managers with a pioneering roadmap to design and organise sound assessments in specific public organisations and sectors. It includes practical checklists, decision-making tools and options for methodologies based on good practices.

  • 13-October-2005


    Ethics Codes and Codes of Conduct in OECD Countries

    This page provides access to ethics codes and codes of conduct for civil servants of OECD countries and further reading suggestions on the topic.

  • 7-octobre-2005


    Moderniser l'État

    Cet ouvrage fait le bilan de deux décennies de modernisation du secteur public dans les pays de l’OCDE. Depuis une vingtaine d’années, on observe un afflux d’idées et d’initiatives nouvelles. Ce rapport analyse les échecs et les réussites et met en évidence les défis à relever.

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  • 12-September-2005


    Governance in China

    Governance is the next issue the People’s Republic of China needs to tackle. This report shows how governance impacts on public action by looking at different policy sectors, takes stock of the progress made in public management and public finance, and explores policy options for the future.

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  • 8-mars-2004

    Français, , 98kb

    Synthèses: Bilan de la modernisation du secteur public

    Cette note de synthèse est la première de "Série sur la modernisation du secteur public".

  • 4-février-2003


    Gérer les conflits d’intérêts dans le service public: lignes directrices de l'OCDE et expériences nationale

    Governments need to ensure that public officials perform their duties in a fair and unbiased way. The OECD Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service provide the first international benchmark in this field.

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  • 15-April-2001

    English, , 27kb

    Italian Code of Conduct for Government Employees

    In Italy a new Code of Conduct for Government Employees came into force in mid-April 2001. The new code reinforces the principles of impartiality, efficiency, responsibility and confidentiality of administrative information already ontained in th...

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