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  • 13-February-2015

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    The Dark Horse, The Paper Tiger and Chicken Little: Lessons from the OECD Foreign Bribery Report

    One of the more startling findings in the OECD Foreign Bribery Report, is that some level of corporate management was involved in over 50% of the cases sanctioned. This paper by Leah Ambler, published in the Journal of Business Compliance (01/2015), examines what went wrong and why from a corporate governance and compliance perspective.

  • 9-February-2015


    Internship opportunities working on anti-corruption at the OECD

    The OECD Anti-Corruption Division offers short-term internships of 2-6 months for qualified students. These internships provide students with the experience of working in an international organisation on anti-corruption issues and more specifically the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

  • 23-January-2015


    World Economic Forum: Press Conference on Anti-Corruption

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Challenge Partnership is a new and important weapon in the international anti-corruption arsenal. The OECD has also made tackling corruption a priority.

  • 22-January-2015


    Transforming African Economies: Interconnectedness, Investment and Inclusiveness

    Africa has made significant progress in recent years but important challenges to African development remain that we can break down into three linked areas. Let’s call them the “three i’s”: interconnectedness, investment, and inclusiveness.

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  • 15-January-2015


    Hungary: Towards a Strategic State Approach

    This report presents the findings and recommendations from analysis conducted by the OECD as part of the OECD-Hungary Strategic Partnership for Public Administration Reform. Through this initiative, the OECD has supported the government of Hungary in putting in place some of the key building blocks of a “strategic state”. The report’s recommendations can be expected to contribute to strengthening the efficiency, effectiveness,

  • 5-January-2015


    Propriety, Integrity and Transparency

    This Declaration sets out political commitments of the OECD and other adhering countries in the areas of competition, corporate governance, investment and responsible business conduct, tax co-operation, anti-corruption, interaction between government and business, quality of regulation and financial literacy and consumer protection.

  • 22-décembre-2014


    France - Convention de l'OCDE sur la lutte contre la corruption

    Cette page contient toutes les informations se rapportant à la mise en oeuvre de la Convention de l’OCDE sur la lutte contre la corruption en France.

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  • 18-décembre-2014


    L’Argentine est en défaut sérieux de conformité avec des articles fondamentaux de la Convention anticorruption, selon l’OCDE

    Le Groupe de travail de l’OCDE sur la corruption doute de l’engagement pris par l’Argentine de lutter contre la corruption transnationale. L’Argentine n’a toujours pas de loi lui permettant de sanctionner les entreprises qui versent des pots-de-vin à l’étranger et de poursuivre ses citoyens qui commettent cette infraction à l’étranger.

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  • 9-December-2014


    International Anti-Corruption Day

    As part of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the OECD has joined Member and Partner countries and other International Organisations in raising awareness about the costs and detrimental effects of corruption.

  • 5-December-2014


    Spain has strong measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing but improvements needed, says FATF

    Spain has created a strong system to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, but improvements are needed in certain key areas, according to a new report by the Financial Action Task Force.

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