Competition policy in developing countries: Helping markets perform better


15 April 2016 - World Bank Headquarters, Washington

Competition policy is vital for creating opportunities for small business and big industry alike. It benefits consumers by reducing prices and increasing the choice of goods and services. This joint World Bank Group-OECD event showcased countries whose pro-competition reform efforts serve as examples for their regional and international peers and introduced tools to guide the design of new and improved policies.


This meeting provided an opportunity to launch a forthcoming joint OECD-World Bank publication "A Step Ahead: Competition Policy for Shared Prosperity and Inclusive Growth". This publication which examines the links between competition, shared prosperity and inclusive growth is an important milestone.



Alonso Segura Vasi, Minister of Economy and Finance, Peru

Anabel González, Senior Director, Trade & Competitiveness, World Bank Group

Ángel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD | transcript

Francis Kariuk, Director General, Competition Authority of Kenya; Board Member, COMESA Competition Commission

Francisco Gaetani, Deputy Executive Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, Brazil

Joaquim Levy,Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, World Bank Group

Sahar Nasr,Minister of International Cooperation, Egypt


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