• 25-November-2016


    Policy Priorities for Making Poland a More Inclusive and Knowledge-Based Economy

    Twenty years into its membership in the OECD, Poland has achieved impressive progress in terms of the living standards of its citizens. The country did not only manage to significantly reduce the GDP per capita gap with other OECD countries, but it also caught up with respect to several other dimensions of well-being. To ensure further widespread improvements in living standards, Poland needs to continue to move towards higher-technology production, boosting productivity and improving access to high-quality jobs and good pay. This report reviews recently implemented and planned reforms that aim to achieve these goals and proposes further policy measures to help Poland make the shift towards a more knowledge-based economy. To safeguard inclusiveness, it is crucial that the government also put in place appropriate policies to ensure that no one is left behind during this transformation and that all firms and all citizens can equally participate in and benefit from it.

  • 2-juin-2016


    Améliorer l’investissement en infrastructures de transports et énergétiques en Pologne

    La Pologne a significativement renforcé son réseau d’infrastructures au cours de la dernière décennie. Cependant, des goulets pèsent toujours tant sur la croissance de la productivité que sur la santé de la population et l’environnement.

  • 22-décembre-1995

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    Instaurer la discipline financière: l’expérience des pays d’Europe centrale et orientale dans le domaine de la réglementation des faillites

    Une difficulté majeure dans le processus de transition des pays d'Europe centrale et orientale est la mise en place de l'infrastructure légale nécessaire au fonctionnement des marchés. Revue économique de l'OCDE No. 25.