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 Winners Group photo YVC 2012

The Youth Co-orginisers of the 2013 Video Competition

In 2012 the OECD asked youths around the world: Education and Skills - What are the big issues today? Learning the right skills to get a job, Bridging the 'digital divide', Tackling inequality in access to education and training, Inspiring creativity and innovation... or something else? Through our videos we gave our answers to these questions and others that we think are important to make education better and available to everybody across the world.

Sharon CHAN

Photo Sharon CHAN Australia video winner 2012
The Empowering Toolbox

 I participated in the 2012 OECD Youth Video Competition because I was seeking a challenge. I had no experience in film making but insight into the current education system which plays such an important role in many existing societal problems. Participating in, and winning the competition has not only allowed me to express my views of the challenges preventing young people develop the necessary skills, but to also accomplish many personal goals throughout the journey. The eye-opening OECD week in Paris, amongst many benefits I have gained through the competition, has also opened up many opportunities for me where I met so many amazing people from across the world. It was an inspiration experience to hear the stories of high profile people talk about their experience in relation to education, the economy, innovation and entrepreneurialism. It was also a fascinating experience to participate in the intensive Ideas Factory to consultatively generate solutions as well as help promote the Better Life Index and use Twitter to generate further interest. A truly life changing experience!

Rachit Sai BARAK

Photo Rachit Sai BARAK India winner of video competition 2012
Education is everything
Haryana, India

I am Rachit Sai Barak, a media professional pursuing MA in Filmmaking from Goldsmiths, University of London. In the past I have implemented digital storytelling programs with children-at-risk and have made several short documentaries on issues of gender, sexuality, health, education, arts and governance. OECD Youth Video Competition provided me with one of a kind opportunity to use my creative skills to express about what education meant for me and for young people in my community. One of the most unique feature about the competition is it provides complete freedom to young people to express their concerns about social issues as well provide effective solutions to create a vision for a better future. Our Journey began with winning the competition, as winners we got the opportunity to attend OECD Forum 2012. It’s one of the most enriching experience of my life, at the forum I not only had the privilege to listen to some of the most eminent economists, politicians and leaders of the world, but I also got a chance to share my experiences, highlight problems and find effective solutions. 



Jonan KATO

Photo Jonan KATO Uganda winner of the video competition 2012
Education and Skills
Kampala, Uganda

My name is Jonan Kato from Kampala Uganda, am a freelance TV producer in Uganda working with NBS Television and Super Sports. Iam also one of the Founders of Career Imagination Program, a program that was birthed during the OECD Forum 2012 under the Ideas Factory – Skills. This program has been very successful in the first six months of operation.  I decided to participate because I wanted the world to know the state of education in my country hoping to come up with a better and more practical solution that would help youth get skills and make them employable which I indeed got. I noticed that the problem of an education system that does not equip skills to students does not only exist in my country but it’s a global problem. It’s important to note that some of the solutions were developed through the OECD Forum hence the formation of The Career Imagination Program, which is continuing to address these problems in my country Uganda

Watch an interview with Jonan on NBS TV Uganda about his experience:



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