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  • 6-septembre-2016


  • 23-août-2016


    Le combat climatique de la Chine

    La Chine est parmi les près de 200 pays qui ont adopté le 12 décembre 2015 l’Accord de Paris sur les changements climatiques lors de la conférence historique des Nations Unies. La manière dont la Chine, économie émergente et l’un des premiers émetteurs mondiaux de gaz à effet de serre, mettra en œuvre cet accord sera importante. Nous avons demandé son avis à Xuedu Lu, de la Banque asiatique de développement.

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  • 19-March-2016


    Remarks at China Development Forum: Launch of the OECD-DRC project for a greener future for China’s industrial sector

    The OECD will draw on its multidisciplinary expertise, data, and tools – along with our ground-breaking work on climate finance, fossil fuel subsidy reform, measuring effective carbon prices, and policy alignment for a low-carbon economy – to deliver timely and evidence-based insights for this project, which has four main objectives.

  • 23-May-2013


    Green Growth in Cities

    Green Growth in Cities presents the OECD Green Cities Programme’s main findings and policy recommendations, and provides a preliminary approach to measuring green growth in cities

  • 10-July-2012


    Green growth in action: China

    In recent years, rapid industrialisation, intensified agricultural production and urbanisation in the People's Republic of China has brought greater prosperity and higher living standards to many, but it has also created high demand for energy and raw materials, increased pressure on ecosystems and affected health outcomes. China is committed to achieving a green economy.

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  • 12-September-2005


    Governance in China

    Governance is the next issue the People’s Republic of China needs to tackle. This report shows how governance impacts on public action by looking at different policy sectors, takes stock of the progress made in public management and public finance, and explores policy options for the future.

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