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OECD Roundtable on the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions


Due to the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of ensuring health and safety for all, the roundtable originally scheduled to take place in Oslo on 31 March is now postponed until later in the year. More details about that event will be released as they become available. 

 Webinar: Spotlight on the circular economy in cities and regions

31 March 202011.00 AM - 1.00 PM


Agenda | List of Participants | Presentations | Video


 Webinar: What’s new on the circular economy in cities and regions and how to measure circularity?

31 March 20202.30 PM - 4.00 PM


Agenda | List of Participants | Presentations | Video


Highlights of the OECD webinars, 31 March 2020


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About the OECD Roundtable on the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions

Cities use almost two-thirds of global energy and produce up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and 50% of global waste. The circular economy provides a policy response to cope with these challenges and is a driver for economic growth, jobs and environmental quality.

Yet, there has been little policy research and attention on cities and regions within the circular economy discourse, as compared to national governments. Why? And what is the potential of cities and regions to help make the transition from a linear to a circular economy happen? 


The OECD Programme on the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions supports cities and regions in their transition towards a circular economy through multi-level dialogues to identify challenges and opportunities; peer-to-peer learning and key indicators for decision making and evaluation of the circular economy strategies.

The Roundtable will bring together key circular economy stakeholders from cities, regions, national government, business, academia and international organisations to share knowledge, experiences and best practices.


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