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LEED Trento Topic: Entrepreneurship, SMEsTo support economic growth and job creation through assisting governments and agencies in the development of locally-designed policies for entrepreneurship, SMEs and innovation. In doing so, assess the factors that contribute to entrepreneurship vitality at local level and the scope for policy intervention; identify and disseminate information on innovations and good practices and make recommendations on how local development actors can improve the design and delivery of their entrepreneurship policies.

This activity is developed in collaboration with the OECD Working Party on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises & Entrepreneurship (WPSMEE).


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ACTORS Italy - Cultural Attractors for Tourism and Employment in Southern Italian Regions - REVIEW
May 2014 - October 2016
The OECD LEED Trento Centre in agreement with the Italian Government, is assisting the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT) in the promotion and support of social and economic development  activities in Southern Italian Regions (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Sicily) through the valorisation of their cultural, natural and landscape attractions.

Policy seminar: Supporting SME competitiveness reforms in the Eastern Partner Countries - OECD Eurasia (Venice, Italy)
10-13 October 2016
The OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme, Global Relations Secretariat (GRS), and the OECD LEED Trento Centre co-organised a policy seminar to support SME competitiveness reforms in the Eastern Partner (EaP) region. The aim of the seminar was to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of good practices in the area of SME policy making, with a focus on tools to promote SME internationalisation.

Seminars: Promoting and supporting new enterprises to foster local economy in Trentino (Trento, Italy)
September 2015 - November 2015
A cycle of seminar was organised by the OECD LEED Trento Centre on how to promote and support new enterprises to foster local economy in Trentino, specifically targeted at the Officers of the Autonomous Province of Trento, long standing partner of the OECD LEED Trento Centre.

Review: Regional FDI-SME linkage strategies in Kazakhstan
December 2011 - May 2015
This project examined how policies can support the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into global value chains through creating and exploiting linkages between SMEs and Foreign Direct Investors (FDI). It involved assessments of current conditions and opportunities in three regions of Kazakhstan and made recommendations for policy actions at national and local levels.


Events & Activities


Capacity building seminar: Promoting entrepreneurial education in schools (Potsdam, Germany)
3-6 November 2014
The seminar contributed to the development of a tool  that should allow schools to (1) map the perceptions of learners, teachers, parents, and partner organisations as they relate to the entrepreneurial education opportunities (courses, extra-curricular work), resources and support available to teachers (e.g. time for preparation, training, teaching material), and the "outward looking school" (e.g., partnerships for challenge-based learning, new learning environments); and (2) employ this information for organisational development efforts.

Capacity building seminar: Strengthening agricultural co-operatives in Kazakhstan (Trento, Italy)
13-17 October 2014
The aim of this seminar was to build institutional capacities and transfer methodologies to Kazakh policy makers in areas that will help improve the country’s agricultural competitiveness and support the development of small-scale production. It drew upon on OECD know-how and the Trento experience in agricultural cooperatives.

High-level capacity building seminar: Supporting youth in entrepreneurship (Brussels, Belgium)
22-23 September 2014
The aim of this High-Level Capacity Building Seminar was to have an international exchange of information on inclusive entrepreneurship actions across the European Union and on how the European Union Structural Funds can be used to support actions that combine entrepreneurship promotion and social inclusion. It examined how strategies for youth entrepreneurship can be designed and implemented including consideration of the connections with wider strategies for entrepreneurship and youth employment.

10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development (Stockholm, Sweden)
23-25 April 2014
The 10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development brought together some 350 representatives from local partnerships, government officials, public employment services, local leaders, youth organisations, social entrepreneurs, business representatives, and academics to discuss about job creation, partnerships to support school to work transition and managing transitions during the life-cycle. 14 interactive workshops also reviewed experiences in the local implementation of the Youth Guarantee, measuring social impact, evidence based policies for tackling disadvantage, entrepreneurial education and youth entrepreneurship.

Policy Review: Supporting the development of local innovation systems in Colombia - The case of Medellin, Antioquia
October 2013 - November 2014
The review intends to provide recommendations to the governments of the city of Medellin and the region of Antioquia to define effective policies to support the development of the local economy and include a focus on how the innovative environment can be strengthened to support inclusion, entrepreneurship, SME, and local development.



Capacity building seminar: Supporting the competitiveness of Ukraine’s agribusiness SMEs (Trento, Italy)
15-18 October 2013
The aim of this seminar was to build institutional capacities and transfer methodologies to the Ukrainian policy makers on areas which could improve the country’s agricultural competitiveness and sustain Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), building on the OECD know-how and reflecting on the Trento experience.

Capacity building seminar: Developing inclusive entrepreneurship strategies - Entrepreneurial activities in Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
27-28 June 2013
The aim of this seminar was to have an international exchange of information on inclusive entrepreneurship actions across the European Union and on how the European Union Structural Funds can be used to support actions that combine entrepreneurship promotion and social inclusion. It examined the types of policy actions are effective, the conditions for their success, how actions can be brought together into integrated and self-reinforcing programmes, and what funding options exist, particularly from the European Social Fund. 

Seminar: Evaluation of programmes for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (Jerusalem, Israel)
25 April 2013
This seminar was prepared by the LEED Programme for officials of the Israeli Small and Medium Business Agency (SMBA) and for managers and co-ordinators of public programmes supported by the SMBA. It presented the major issues and principles involved in designing, commissioning, undertaking and using evaluations of SME programmes illustrated with examples of good practice.

Review: Supporting survival and growth of graduate entrepreneurship: skills, competences and start-up support in Germany
January 2011-December 2013
This project continues OECD LEED work on university entrepreneurship support started in 2006 in the framework of the ongoing collaboration between the Commissioner for the New Federal States, the eastern German Länder and the OECD LEED Programme. The aim of this project is to provide advice for policy makers at Federal and Land levels, and practical assistance to university management and practitioners in charge of business start-up and early growth support, on how to improve the current strategy, infrastructure and practices in supporting new and young firms emerging from universities in order to increase the birth and growth rates.



Capacity building seminar: Financing business start-up by under-represented groups (Trento, Italy)
27-29 June 2012
This seminar was part of a three-year programme of cooperation between the European Commission and the OECD LEED Programme to monitor and report on entrepreneurial activity in Europe and related public policies and actions. This seminar provided an opportunity for policy-makers to discuss policy options, objectives, design and results for programmes that support access to business start-up financing by under-represented groups.

Report: Knowledge networks and their impact on new and small firms in local economies (Italy-Germany)
31 Januray 2012
New and small firms can be important engines of job creation and local development when they identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. The OECD LEED Programme in cooperation with the University of Trento has prepared this paper to analyse in deep the behaviour of knowledge networks in two specific local contexts: the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy and the Magdeburg Province in Germany.

Review: Boosting local entrepreneurship and enterprise creation in Lombardy region (Italy)
December 2011-December 2012
The project, jointly implemented by the OECD LEED Programme and Unioncamere Lombardia, will examine the capacity in Lombardy region to support new enterprise creation and the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and how it can be enhanced through local economic and employment development policies.

Review: Entrepreneurship support in Tunisia - The role of universities 
January 2010-December 2012
This review will provide Tunisia with an assessment of practices in place for training of entrepreneurship skills and competences and a set of recommendations for policy improvements, including  international learning models example and a policy action plan.

Review: Skills and competences for entrepreneurship
January 2010-December 2012
This project continues the work on the role of universities in entrepreneurship support that started by LEED in 2009. The project advises governments and their partner agencies at national and local levels on how to provide effective training and related support to start-up entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on the role of universities and vocational training institutions.

Review: Local development capacity assessment in EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans - a LEED Project
Januray 2011-October 2012
This joint initiative by the European Commission Enlargement Directorate-General and the OECD LEED Programme is focused on providing an assessment of the current local development capacity in view of EU accession in the EU Candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans, notably: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244), Montenegro and Serbia.



Capacity building seminar: Implementing SME policy tools in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus (Trento, Italy)
25-28 October 2011
This 3.5-day seminar discussed how to tackle some of the primary challenges SMEs face, addressing the following issues related to SME policy tools and instruments: (i) business cooperation and local governance; (ii) technology, innovation and green growth; and (iii) access to finance. The seminar was addressed to participants from Eastern Europe and South Caucasus - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine - committed to the topic of SME development and policy, and willing to contribute to build a highly interactive environment, by sharing their experiences and learning from each other.

Conference: Local and regional strategies to relaunch economic and employment development (Trento, Italy)
8 July 2011
High level policy makers, economists and representatives of international and European institutions discussed the future of global economic and financial development and debated the crucial role played by regions and localities in the recovery and development of economic competitiveness. The conference provided a means to exchange good practice and drew up policy recommendation to achieve tangible results.

6th Festival of Economics in Trento, Italy
2-5 June 2011
In the framework of the 6th Festival of Economics on "The borders of economic freedom", the OECD LEED Trento Centre, in cooperation with the School on Local Development of the University of Trento, organised a round-table session on "Labour and productivity: the role of institutions, trade unions and business in the current economic crisis", which took place at the OECD Trento Centre (Vicolo S. Marco, 1) on Friday 3 June at 11.00 am.



Capacity building seminar: Universities, skills and entrepreneurship (Trento, Italy)
18-20 October 2010
Much can be learned from an international exchange of information about the rationales behind university entrepreneurship support and local partnerships to foster the birth and growth of new firms. The seminar explored strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, examined what constitutes good practice in local entrepreneurship support and discussed potential pitfalls.

Report: SMEs, entrepreneurship and local development in the Marche Region, Italy
July 2010
The aim of the report was to provide, from an international perspective, advice on how to strengthen and restructure the economy of the Marche region through the use of appropriate SME and entrepreneurship policies. This report set out the findings of the review. The report identified major considerations for policy development in the field, assessed the current challenges and opportunities for the Marche and advanced recommendations to improve policy and practice in the Marche region.

Review: National and regional small and medium-sized enterprise policy linkage in Serbia
May 2010
The recommendations developed in this report are of two types: i) general SME policy orientation; and ii) issues arising from first application of the OECD IC-LEED analytical tool – the SSPI - to measure gaps between national and sub-national SME policy development and programmes. Recommendations linked to the first type focus on general issues arising from financial support for SMEs in Serbia. Recommendations of the second type are based on an analysis of gaps between SME policies found at the national level and those implemented in the regions covered by this project.

Review: SME and entrepreneurship issues and policies at national and local levels in Poland
March 2010
This report presents the findings by the Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) of the local component of the "National review of entrepreneurship and SME policies"  in Poland. The review was undertaken by the OECD in collaboration with the Economic Development Department of the Polish Ministry of Economy.



Capacity building seminar: Supporting SMEs in a time of crisis - How to choose the right actions (Trento, Italy)
12-15 October 2009
The capacity building seminar lasted for 3.5 days and was based on a mix of short presentations by OECD and international experts followed by discussion, group work around practical case studies developed by participants and trainers prior to the seminar, and group work exercises. The programme included study visits to Trentino entrepreneurship and SME development initiatives to view instruments used in the Province of Trento and considered as good practices by the OECD.

Workshop: Higher education institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship (Halle, Germany)
12 June 2009
The aim of the good practice workshop was to follow up the joint policy development project from LEED Programme of the OECD and the German Federal Ministry of Housing, Construction and Urban Affairs with a practical event to enable HEIs and policy makers from eastern Germany to exchange with each other and with participants from other countries around good practice in HEI entrepreneurship support, namely in entrepreneurship education and in start-up support. A rich and diverse programme also offered participants opportunities to engage in dept-interviews with those behind good practices.

Compendium of policy recommendations on Strengthening Entrepreneurship  
June 2009
The compendium was part of project on "Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in East Germany" carried out by the OECD and the Federal Ministry of Housing, Land, Construction, Transport and Urban Affairs. The compendium was built of several themes of relevance to local entrepreneurship development in East Germany. It brought together recommendations, International learning models and good practice in East Germany.

Report: Strengthening entrepreneurship and economic development in East Germany: lessons from local approaches
March 2009
The report  was the result of a two-year work programme on the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship development in East Germany undertaken by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, through its Local Economic and Employment Development Programme (LEED), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS), Angelegenheiten der Neuen Länder department.



Review : Fostering SME and entrepreneurship development in the tourism sector in Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria)
18-22 June 2007
The review was launched by the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development in co-operation with the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its country mission in Bulgaria. It was an opportunity for policy makers at national and sub-national levels in Bulgaria to debate with international experts in refining the SME and tourism policy design and delivery.

Review: Strengthening entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development at local level in Croatia
21-25 May 2007
The review was a joint project between the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Review: Strengthening entrepreneurship and local economic development in East Germany.
January-December 2007
A co-operative project between the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs and the OECD on entrepreneurship development in East Germany.

Capacity building seminar: Building development strategies for cities and regions (Trento, Italy)
23-27 October 2006
This 5-day capacity building seminar focused on the local development strategy design and implementation and more specifically it emphasized the role of strategy in integrating different drivers, factors and enablers of local economic development. This event brought together 60 experienced policy makers and practitioners from Central, East and South East Europe working in the area of regional and local development strategy building.

Seminar: Influencing attitudes and skills for entrepreneurship and SME growth: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and South East Europe (Skopje, Macedonia)
27 February 2006
The seminar in Macedonia continued the work on the case studies identified during the Trento Centre capacity building seminar on entrepreneurship held on 13-14 December 2004 in Trento and further explored the theme of Entrepreneurship Spirit and Skills. This event was organised in collaboration with the Agency for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Macedonia.



Seminar: Promoting SME innovation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other South-East European countries (Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
19 October 2005
This event was a follow-up of the Trento Centre capacity building seminar on entrepreneurship and further explored the theme of Promoting SME Innovation.

Conference: Fostering entrepreneurship: the role of higher education (Trento, Italy)
23-24 June 2005
This international conference was organised by the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development and the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development.  It addressed the role that higher education institutions play in fostering entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on Central, East and South-East European countries.

Seminar: SME internationalisation in Montenegro and other South-East European countries (Podgorica, Montenegro)
13 April 2005
This seminar was held back-to-back with the event in Serbia. It was organised by the OECD LEED Programme and the LEED Trento Centre. The event continued the work on the case studies identified during the Trento seminar and will further explore the theme of SME internationalisation.  It was part of the activities of the joint OECD-CEI Local Development Network (LDN).

Seminar: Strengthening local clusters in Serbia and Montenegro and pther South-East European countries (Belgrade, Serbia)
11 April 2005
This event was organised by the OECD LEED Programme and the LEED Trento Centre for Local Development (Italy).  It explored further the theme of local clusters and is developed as part of the activities of the joint OECD-CEI Local Development Network (LDN).  

Conference: Financing entrepreneurship at regional and local level in Bulgaria and other South-East European countries (Sofia, Bulgaria)
17 March 2005
This seminar was an opportunity to debate the results of recent entrepreneurship developments in Bulgaria.  It focus on the theme of financing entrepreneurship at local and regional level in light of experiences from OECD and South-East European countries. It analysed the main obstacles to improving SME finance at local level.

Seminar: Entrepreneurship and SME development (Trento, Italy)
13-18 December 2004
This one-week seminar has been especially designed for local policy-makers and practitioners from South, Central, and Eastern Europe responsible for job creation and SME promotion. This training was organised by the LEED Programme through the LEED Trento Centre for Local Development.


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