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The OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development (CFE) is an interdisciplinary centre working on policy fields that support SMEs growth, the Tourism industry, skills and employment and local development. CFE seminars discuss topics of actuality for critical research and policy development.


Monday 25 march 11h to 13h / Paris, France Arche de La Défense Paroi Sud - room 34M29 (34 ème floor)

Back to Katrina: what strategies for urban resilience? What economic and social territorial impacts?
A discussion with Professor Ed Blakely

Disaster is now the norm. As we build and rebuild cities for the future we will have to create new models of spatial and economic development based on continuing violent and unpredictable weather. This seminar will engage this topic, asking questions and pointing to directions for an unknowable natural environment. We will use lessons from Katrina to show how new social, economic and physically resilient strategies will need to be employed. All communities around the world regardless of location have to adapt to this new approach.

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Upcoming Seminar: Tuesday 13 March 2012,  11.00 – 12.30, OECD, Room CC18


Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development: Diversity and Value Creation
A discussion with Professor Jay Mitra

In this seminar, Professor Jay Mitra will explore how entrepreneurship can help to address the urgent development, growth and sustainability issues in OECD and non-OECD economies. Drawing on evidence from emerging and developed economies, he will present the opportunities offered by entrepreneurship to generate economic, social, cultural and personal value at the regional level, and how different regional environments affect entrepreneurial models. Understanding the diversity of pathways offered by the entrepreneurial economy calls for new analytical approaches, which combine macro-level analyses with the investigation of emerging business models. New measurement frameworks to capture value creation for progress and development are also needed. Professor Mitra’s talk will draw in part on his new book on ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development’ (Routledge, 2011).

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Thursday 2 February 2012

Disrupted Local Development: Climate change, Sudden Shrinkage and Reconstruction
A discussion with Professor Ed Blakely

In this seminar, Ed Blakely will address the daunting issues associated with the loss of community spirit and the overwhelming issues associated with sudden demographic change and the disruption of the local and regional economy post disaster. He will draw primarily from New Orleans but describe experiences in other place like Oakland, California and post 9-11 New York where the local community were hard hit exacerbating social and economic inequities and what steps he believes have to be taken not only to rebuild but to reposition communities and their economies post disaster.

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For more information contact: Dr Cristina Martinez-Fernandez cristina.martinez@oecd.org


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